What Kind of Wife Are You?

June 2013 391
Proverbs 21:9
Better to live on a corner of the roof than share a house with a quarrelsome wife.
Today’s Five Minute Friday prompt word is “share.”  I searched it on BibleGateway.com and it retrieved over 100 passages from scripture that use the word “share.”  In the Old Testament it goes over the term as it relates to land, sacrifices, etc.  In the New Testament it relates the word to giving tangible gifts and quality time.  I felt called to write about the Proverb above (Proverbs 21:9).

I asked myself the following questions:
  1. What kind of wife are you?
  2. Am I a quarrelsome wife?
  3. Am I peaceful?
  4. What tone does my mood set for our household?

I’m a non-confrontational person…thank God so is my husband!  We get along well most of the time…but with non-confrontation also comes pent up emotions.  We are those contemplative ones who ponder things and keep things private.  We do chat about the highs and lows, but we do not often delve into the things that make us upset or worry us.  However, we have our moments.

Moments when I vent about the ceiling light in the closet that really bugs me and seems to be pressing in on my last nerve that day during a Saturday morning spew.  So…my sweet husband fixes the said light ASAP.  Tiny details…big emotions flying.

I get quarrelsome sometimes about who has done what chores around the house or helps with the kids etc…pick, pick, pick.  Does my husband keep a score card?  Probably…but he NEVER verbally shares it.  I do.  Whoops…not a fun wife to be around.

Most days I think I do a decent job at keeping my mouth shut and my heart open.  Serving our sons and my husband is better if my mind and heart are centered on God versus me.  I hope to share joy not frustration.

Dear God,
You made me wife.
Forgive me when I don’t like the job.
Give me patience, joy, love, and grace.
Make our home one in which my husband and our sons like to be in.

11 thoughts on “What Kind of Wife Are You?

    1. Thanks Valerie! Yes…twelve years ago we were young and my have years have clicked by quickly. We have grown up together we say! God blessed me with this guy for sure. We women are wonderful and whacky! 😉


  1. I like your five minutes on sharing. I’m also more likely to be non-confrontational. I like peace and quiet and reconciled relationships. However, when something is eating at me, I am likely to loose it over something that is nothing at all.

    Thanks for the reminders today on sharing and relationship.
    Blessings from another Florida girl…


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