Giving versus Getting

Our sweet friends are raising funds in North Carolina to fund their family of five to travel to Mexico in 2015 to continue their career as missionaries for Converge. 

When they posted a video clip this week on Facebook…I scrolled on thru.  Our family already gives them a monthly donation.  That’s enough right?  No.  I watched the video this morning explaining their need for $11,000 for start up fees before they travel to Mexico (hopefully this month, January 2015).  $11,000 MORE dollars!  Whoa.  They explained that they need airfare for four and then the cost of importing a car for the dad to drive down to meet the family.  Moving is expensive.  An international move even more so.  Our family has moved three times.  Each time it was covered by my husband’s company.  I never saw a bill.  It was gift.

A gift is a blessing.  Giving versus getting is hard and yet so easy.  When I watched their video I though of course we can give a little more as a special donation.  I checked my bank account…good to give.  I had been wanting a new purse…planning to spend about $100 on that…why no give that money instead of getting another purse!  Do we hold on to the hope of more stuff or give the gifts that are eternally significant?  I pray my Father is watching and smiling when our family and especially I choose to give.

Dear God,

You are a big Giver.  Forgive me when I want for more.

Thank you for all you give me in blessings that are tangible and intangible.

I ask you to fully fund our missionary friends this month so that they can travel to Mexico to make disciples of men and women in a place that you have planned for them to serve.  Give them peace.  Give them love.  Give them patience.  Give them joy.


Luke 6:38 [Full Chapter]

Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”
p.s. According to Bible Gateway there are 1,433 mentions of “give” in the Bible!

One thought on “Giving versus Getting

  1. Jenn. The Lord uses giving to teach us many things. Remember how I got scammed at Christmas time and they took more than $600. I was so upset…not because they scammed me, but because I did not seek the Lord’s face in the first place and trusted them to do what they said they would do. Lesson – a hard lesson learned. But God is in the teaching business so there was more to the story. At Christmas I got some money and I was so happy to put it into the hole left by the scammers, but as I lifted the money up to Him, He said, “Give it away.” I looked down at the money and said, “okay, but You’ll have to show me, Sir.” I waited and He directed me to a cafe, I went in there to order. He expressed on me to give there. I did and added double what He told me to give and then doubled it as the tip.
    Walking away, my heart leaped within me and I knew He who teaches me a good lesson: Trust Him even in the hole. Every dime I have belongs to Him. If He wants me to give it away then so be it.
    Do you know how you know you’re obeying when you give? ……drum roll please… never look back with regret.

    Thanks for the reminder on giving and have a great day.


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