Simply Water

Update for those of you readers who follow because I have a special boy who has a feeding disorder.  Bryan.  Bryan is a puzzle.  He only eats crunchy carbs, chocolate, ice cream, cake, frosting, and only drinks water or milk.  He eats no fruits, vegetables, meat, or bread.  Not a bad diet from a taste perspective, but a very difficult one for nutrition and logistics.

So…this week…he has an ear infection.  Meds time.  Ugh.

I asked the doc for chewables instead of the liquid.  Ok.  So…there are three giant adult size pills that have to be taken a.m. and p.m.  Total of six pills of Amoxicillin per day!  Wow…this will be interesting…cue the mom and dad minds of how we will get him to injest that much medicine.

Day one: I sliced a Little Debbie Zebra cake with the pulverized med in the vanilla frosting.  Done.  He took about two-three hours to eat that little cake, but we got the first p.m. dose done with little fuss.

Day two: a.m. before school…he wants Reeses Peanut Butter Cups…so I drill them, slice them, and add three little meds to three little cups.  No go.  Big protest.  Miss the bus.  Parents pleading, nicely, then shouting, frustration.  Child crying…still not eating…stale mate in car with dad…he eats one.  He also takes the other that has been crushed into his water at school (we hope)…we think.

Day two p.m. dose:  How are we going to take the med?  Bryan says I just want it in my water.  My husband crushes them, and adds them to a half filled water bottle.  Only about 15 minutes…he takes them all smiling…”this isn’t bad at all” he says.  Really?  Water!!!  Awesome.  We can do nine more days of this.

I rejoice.  I thank God for the prayers of my sister and friends.  Medicine can be a nightmare for a sensory child.  Especially one with a high gag reflex to new tastes/textures.

Dear God,

You are the creator of Water.  We praise you for this gift that is real and symbolic.  In You word you mention water 617 times! (according to a search on  My favorite…

John 4:14

but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”
Thank you for giving us eternal life.  Thank you for Your son.  Thank you for our children who remind us that life is simply not that hard sometimes.  We worry more than necessary.  Forgive us for not trusting you more.  May my faith be more child like.
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