Jesus By The Sink

Mom. I made the brownies...from 9 to 11 pm with a side of Gray's Anatomy and a cup of hot tea. #ElvesWorkLate #ThankYouForTheRecipe

A week or so ago I unpacked one of our many manger scenes.  The mantles were already full.  I needed a space for my most beautiful set from my mother.  I decided to put it by our kitchen sink.


Because Jesus is a servant, and so am I.  I wash dishes.  I need Jesus in the space I spent a lot of time.  He doesn’t need to be all pretty on a mantle.  He needs to be in our every day lives.  He needs to be who we call to when we’re tired.  Who do we see when we are joy filled (after brownie bowl licking)?  Jesus is there too.

Our Savior was a King yes.  But, more importantly he was a Loving Servant.  He died for us on a cross.  His Father asked Him to do many things he didn’t want to do or have time to do.  He did them anyways.  What will you do today?  Who will you serve?  Will Jesus be a part of your to do list?  Let’s make space for Jesus.

Jennifer Erd Cook I borrowed your idea and put a nativity at my sink. A great reminder that HE is the reason for the season not just the baking and gifting and partying. Thank you for always showing the light.

p.s. My friend Kim in Kanas also put a manger scene by her sink.

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