When Measuring Sticks Become Spears

This is so true. I do feel like I measure my worth. When truly God accepts us how we are and grows us each in special ways. I need to relax and grow and not worry about what others think. A post from a blogger I follow….

Simply for One

Remember standing up against a door frame or wall as a child and measuring your growth? The excitement that came from knowing you had moved up even a fraction of an inch. In our small worlds, every new mark meant progress, significance, and brought with it a sense of pride and accomplishment.

I’ve been standing up against that door frame my entire life.

Measure me. What have I done? Does it matter? Am I significant? Let’s take a step back and see if my work made a difference. Is it enough? Is it right? Should I do more? Am I growing, climbing, moving in the right direction?

We live in a culture where we are defined by our works. When we meet someone new, one of our first questions is usually, “What do you do?” Our identities are very much wrapped up in the way we spend our hours and…

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