Joyful Grace

Happy Thanksgiving…synonyms:

Joyful Grace

Smiley Dinner

Gleeful Gathering

Gay Party

Merry Make A Lot of Food, and Eat ‘Til You Pop Day!

Blissful Bounty

Enthusiastic Eucharisteo

I think the first one is my favorite…it is mine.  The final ones I had a little help from my friends on google (happy + synonym) and Ann Voskamp (Eucharisteo teacher).  For those that do not know what Eucharisteo means, here is a little help from the Urban Dictionary:

A Greek word meaning thanksgiving, to be thankful.

Envelopes the Greek root word charis meaning grace, and the derivative chara which is Greek for joy.

He took the bread, and knew it to be a gift and gave thanks. We too participate in eucharisteo in communion, and in life if we so choose.
I love that word!  I had no idea it even existed until Ann wrote about it.  Now, I share that big Greek word with you.  I pray you have a wonderful day today whether you celebrate Thanksgiving in the American way or not.  Please here this prayer:
Dear God,
You are Grace.
You are Joy.
You are the Giver of all Good Things.
Forgive me when I fail to see the good.
Grant me eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart that is open to the gifts you present to me each day. 
I pause today for Joyful Grace.
Via Pinterest “Thanksgiving Quotes” Unknown Main Source, but when you click the Pin this lovely blog leads you to beautiful Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

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