Shopaholic? Yes…At Times

Shopping season is beginning.  For me, it is a year round venture.  My mom taught my sister and I how to shop on Black Friday, stash away little gifts for friends or unexpected parties, and look for good sales.  I love shopping!  Thank you mom for teaching us how to provide good things for our families and give good gifts to friends!

Shopping is innately a girl thing.  I know.  However, some girls I have met actually do not like shopping…a rare breed, but they do exist.  If you are married to a girl who doesn’t like to shop, I bet you are one of those rare men who does like to shop!  I recently finished my second book by Sophia Kinsella.  She writes fiction novels about a Shopaholic.  They are funny and endearing books.  I’ve read Shopaholic and Shopaholic & Sister.  I love this author even more after reading her wiki bio!  She has five children!  Some older and some younger than mine…yet she has carved out time to write.  Stunning!  Now, I snagged Shopaholic & Baby from the library.

The library tames my need to buy things.  I do buy books at the bargain book rack at the library and a local resale shop…the $1 hardbacks are my favorite!  That’s how I stumbled upon this author and other great authors that are lesser known to me at least.  What are your favorite authors and why?

Reading is a great hobby.  So is shopping!  I do live in a real world with a budget though.  My husband and I follow Dave Ramsey’s advice on spending and budgeting within your means.  Income to match spending, using cash for our weekly groceries and misc.  It is hard.  It is good.  The time is now to watch what we spend and on what.  Our kids will get some great Christmas things…but not everything on their list.  Same with me. 😉

Merry Christmas!  Happy shopping!  Make sure you buy something for someone that they need…and some things that the want…but not everything.  God gave us the only gift we really need…His Son.

Dear God,

You are the best Gift Giver!  Thank you for Jesus.  Forgive us when we get caught up in the wants versus reflecting on the things that we need.  You have provided our family with plenty.  Give me pause for thanks and contentment.  Help my husband and I to teach our kids how to give love, give gifts, and learn that the best things cannot be bought: 

You cannot buy Faith, hope, love…peace…or Your Spirit online or at a store.  Your Love is something we must accept.  It is a gift. 

Thank you for giving us a tiny baby to remind us that the best things come from humble beginnings and surprising endings.  Jesus lived a unique life.  Help us as we live our own God given days to stop, pray, and serve you today, tomorrow, and always.


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3 thoughts on “Shopaholic? Yes…At Times

  1. Colline! How cool that you have read her books too! And, I love that you read my blog and admit that shopping is not your favorite. God makes us all unique! What is your favorite one by her? Did you read her other ones under her real name? I now have to seek those out having read her bio on wiki today!


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