The PTA…Potentially Tough Activities


So this year I not only joined the PTA…you know, pay the money…help the school…

This year, I actually agreed to take a role on the PTA as a board member at our sons’ school.  Our sons are both officially in grade school, so I figured it was time I take a more active role.  I was super involved in high school and college on boards: treasurer of this and that, captain of the Cross Country and Tennis teams, coordinator of volunteer activities…etc.  My husband and I pretty much did it all in college in terms of activities.  The last seven or so years we have kind of been on the back burner: the no real parent involvement mode.  I guess we felt it time to let others lead. Wink, wink. 

Now, we are switching gears.  We are more involved again in activities.  My husband coaches our older son’s soccer team: one evening practice and one game weekly.  I signed up to be the Super Science coordinator for Kindergarten, First, and Second grade classroom volunteers.  We both have emails and phone calls for and from parents.  Not too hard…


My husband and eight year old got home from soccer at 7:15 p.m. last night.  Dinner, bath/shower time,  and play time with dad were all off schedule.  Bed time became 8:30-8:45 instead of the usual 8.  My husband and I covet our late evening wind down time for TV and “adult play time” as we call it.  Wink, wink.

The Super Science gig is not happy fun time yet.  I am learning how to use Excel (again)…did that back in college.  Never had a real life job that required that skill.  I’m a speech therapist.  We play and collect data on scraps of paper…no excel needed.  I use electronic medical records, but I do not use Excel on a weekly basis.

I have 47 volunteers signed up plus me…minus one because she has a third grader and after calling her on the phone, she said she thought she signed up for Math Super Stars.  Did you follow that?  Creating the spreadsheet has probably taken four hours or more over two months.   In the “orientation meeting” with parents I learned from other more veteran parents that there is a supply closet.  It is floor to ceiling science stuff people!  It is a blessing…and a curse…how do you sort through all that !?  One 15 to 30 minute moment at a time between work and mom responsibilities.   I work on Super Science in spurts of time at home too.   Over the last two months when my kids are playing on their screens/doing homework/playing unsupervised I do a little home office PTA volunteer work at this same spot.  My blog spot is also my email, Facebook, Twitter, tea time, volunteer spot.  Glory be…I have made it to the “it’s okay to let them play without me watching stage!” 

The stage of parenting has arrived where my husband and I are coordinating/coaching our boys and other parents/kids.  It is cool.  The kids are watching, and they like seeing their mom and dad involved.  My husband and I love leadership and encouraging others.  God made us for this.  Loving…serving others.  However, it is not always easy.  In doing good…there is work involved.  I’m praying through this one.  I need God to have authority and grace over what we do.  Because the Lord knows I do not have control over how this year will unfold.  Our sons are kindergarten and third grade boys.  It is a blessing…I will rejoice in the Potentially Tough Activities. (PTA)!

Dear God,

You are the Authority of all things.

Forgive me when I try to do things on my own without including you in the process.

We do not have the power over how the days unfold, but we do have Your Spirit to guide us and Your Word to teach us how to live, love, and depend on You.

I’m asking you to guide my husband and I as we do these Potentially Tough Activities.  Help us to see Your glimmers of grace in the day to day living we do with our family and with others we meet.



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1 thought on “The PTA…Potentially Tough Activities

  1. Chris Malkemes 2014-09-17 — 07:41

    The rewards are priceless.


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