Ready For Fall


Today’s Five Minute Friday prompt is READY.

I am ready for fall!!!

Yes, summer has been sweet and wonderful…but I want a cool breeze and to wear my blue jeans without sweating through them.

I want to have a hot tea and snuggle under a blanket not a fan.

In the fall in Florida it is different…no real leaves changing, but it does cool a bit.  The kids can play outside more comfortably, and the parents watching also chill.  We talk more outside and play more with our kids in the front yards instead of in backyard pools.

Fall also means we gather by tables for Thanksgiving feasts.  I love the pumpkins, wheat, and colors of fall!  I decorated my door with a Pier One pumpkin yesterday.  I discovered that the back of my Happy Halloween orange and black new door décor is a clear slate of black.  I painted a white C on it for our family name, and hung it.  It is not perfect, but it is new.

Some things are not new, however, the skirt I word last Halloween above…I wore it yesterday to work!  The little boy in my lap, he wants to be Spiderman again!  Some things are worthy of keeping and re-using.  Our faith in Jesus is like that.

Dear God,

Thank you for the freshness fall brings.  You, the Creator, knew we needed change annually.  You gave us the four seasons.

Forgive us when we dwell on our days being mundane.  They really are not.  The Earth is constantly changing, and the people here are too.  We are ready for change.

Give us hearts to see the glimmers of grace that unfold each minute, each hour, and each day.

Open my eyes to my family, friends, and neighbors.  Give us big pumpkin faces that are happy and glowing with Your light of love.


light-radiant cloud enveloped them, and from deep in the cloud, a voice: “This is my Son, marked by my love. Listen to him.”
From Pinterest search “Jesus pumpkin” … no image source, but do you need one?  I think Jesus knows the author.
Christ Centered Pumpkin Poems at the Happy Home Fairy used the image too.

10 thoughts on “Ready For Fall

  1. Oh, fall is my favorite, too! And I love the beginning of every season. I think it speaks to a desire that God has placed in our heart to start fresh, to have new mercies and renewal in HIm. I loved your pictures and your reminder here: “Give us hearts to see the glimmers of grace that unfold each minute, each hour, and each day.” Amen! Loved this!


  2. Jennifer, it is so lovely to visit you here at your blog. I adore fall, and am so ready for it. Here in the north Georgia mountains we are not yet seeing or feeling it, but I am hoping for it soon. Blessings to you. #fmfparty


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