First One Up, First One Down

Moms are often the first up in the morning.  We are also at times the first down at night.  Or, at least I am!  I think everyone’s sleep cycle is unique.  Our kids are set from birth.  Our first born was born just before dawn on a summer morning…he is still our early riser.  Our second son was born at night…he is still our night owl.  Fighting bed time and sleeping in.  My husband prefers also to burn the midnight oil and hit snooze in the morning.

Mornings are my best time to get stuff done.  I am wide eyed, and even if my body is tired my mind seems wide awake.  I like the quiet to think, pray, read.  I have been up for about an hour…and it’s now 5:11 a.m.!  Weird.  Yes.  The way God made me, also yes.

Yes I wake early, but I also crash early too.  Last night I fell asleep shortly after 8 p.m. after reading with our eight year old.  Roald Dahl is his author of the month…and one I cherished as a child too.  Reading is such a gift.  Do you read?  I really like to read blogs, news, and books in snippets when I am able.

Yesterday I picked up Holley Gerth’s You’re Going to Be Okay and a book by Les and Leslie Parrot on Parenting.  I like nonfiction.  I also like fiction when I find the right author.  What are you reading presently?  Comment below!  I am enjoying the present Facebook challenge circulating where people list their 10 all time favorite books.

My all time favorite ten would be the following:

1. The Secret Garden

2. James and the Giant Peach by R. Dahl

3. One Thousand Gifts by A. Voskamp

4. Captivating by Eldredge

5. The Walk (a series) by R.P. Evans

6. The Great Gatsby

7. The Indian in the Cupboard

8. Sometimes I Like to Curl Up in a Ball

9. Feeling Good by D. Burns

10. The Bible

Omissions of authors is evidence of the mom being first up…not functioning on all cylinders yet!  I have a friend meeting me for a run at 6 a.m.  So, now it is time to add a graphic to this and go get dressed and brush my teeth.  First one up has to be very, very quiet…

chase your dreamsGraphic from: Tobi’s Blog


4 thoughts on “First One Up, First One Down

  1. Presently, I’m enjoying reading this! 😉 I wish I had your energy and stamina–4am riser, 6 am runner–oh my! I’m a night owl, and have forced myself to get up at 5 (ish) to get something written before the kids awake. (Yawn!:) Now that’s a big change and a glimmer of grace since our incourage FB group ended, lol. Keep at it girl!


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