Staying Humble With The New

Last night our eight year old humbled my heart…

He said, as he hopped onto our bed, “mom I’m so glad we have a nice squishy bed and a new car.  I just feel bad for those people that do not have beds or cars.  You know, those people who sleep on hard floors and stuff?”  Wow.  Yep kid…you are so right.  I hugged him.  I thanked him and the Lord for his humble and soft heart.  I was reminded of how to be thankful in the blessings and keep perspective on those who have less.

I honestly do feel badly about buying a new car, taking vacations, and buying new things for our children.  Why am I here in America when others were born into countries that are so vastly different?  Only God knows.  My heart is deeply troubled in watching images and headlines that come across that are so sad.  I rejoice in the good news that friends share on Facebook, but it is not all good news…

I have a friend whose husband recently lost his job.

My aunt is battling cancer…again.

Friends have had to go to surgeries with their littles in the past few weeks.

One of my friends has not spoken to me in a few weeks and I’m not really sure why.

Why God, why?  I woke early in the morning to go to the bathroom, and I tried to go back to sleep.  However, after casting out prayers of thanksgiving and requests for needs of others…I still ask why?  Children should not have to be in hospitals.  People should have work.  Everyone should love one another.  But, we do not have control of the world.  He does…

Dear God,

You are Love.

Please forgive me when I love things or myself more than Your people.

Redirect my steps and heart today in service to You.  As I read Your Word help it to penetrate my soul.  Give me actions that please you.  Continue to make our sons’ hearts soft for You and others.

We give You our lives as You gave Your Life…Your Son for us. 



Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.
For the Lord takes pleasure in his people; he adorns the humble with salvation.
Wooden Sign- Pallet Art: Act Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly



4 thoughts on “Staying Humble With The New

    1. Carmen,
      Yes. God’s people matter most. So thankful for virtual friends and real ones! Off to spend some precious minutes with our sons and my husband before they all leave for school and work! Have a blessed day and weekend! Jennifer


  1. Hey there… we are neighbors over at Holley’s place today! Don’t you just love it when a little one can re-direct our perspective? I love that! I’m with you – so much to be thankful for and yet – it’s just been a tough season… praying with you for all the things you mentioned! Even when we can’t see it… or feel it… we trust and know that God has us – and all that concerns us – in the palm of His hand!


    1. Karrilea-
      Thank you for stopping by the blog the other day! I love that we can sit by our computers and type words of encouragement to one another. Holley is such a good “party planner!” I thank you for praying with me on the things of this world…our own little things and the bigger issues that are in the news. God is absolutely holding us in the palm of His hand…what a hope we have in Him! Love, Jenn


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