Reaching Your Limit As a Mom

Five-Minute-Friday-4 It is Friday so I’m linking here with other Five Minute Friday bloggers:  We right for five minutes, on Friday, about a word…this week’s word is REACH.


Wednesday I had reached my limit.

Our eight year old was groaning, moaning, and fussing about two pages of third grade homework (the usual amount).  Most days he is fine to do his homework independently with a little help as needed.  This day…not so much.  Word war three broke out…a civil war…A vs. J. 

Homework for us starts an hour after school.  Our boys get off the bus, do their wind down play time, then we re-group for homework, then back to play time while dinner is prepped.  Kids need time to play.  Inside and outside play happen here.

Wednesday our boys had played outside on the tennis court, and it was homework time.  Maybe our son was hot, tired, and just a little done with the day like me?  I tried to encourage, but my presence and words just set his little fuse to red hot.

His hotness turned to doors slamming, paper throwing, and a general scene of sadness and madness.  I escalated too…I shouted…yelled…I had reached my limit.  I let him go to his room to work it out…and I called my sister.  Thank the high heavens for phoning a friend (or family)!

My sister had a new little one this week, and it was more fun to hear about her baby than my “baby.”  Eventually he got most of his homework done, we ate dinner in part, and then dad arrived home on the scene.  I told him of the Civil War in progress, and tagged him in.  “Tag you’re it.  I’m done.”  I had reached my limit.

I let him do the homework intervention, video game time, and I did take our younger son for his bath.  I could handle a bath.  I could not handle much more.  I reached for the nail polish, the hot tea, and took a deep breath.  I needed some quiet for me.  I didn’t talk to anyone for about an hour!  Moms reach their limit sometimes.

What do you do when you reach yours? 

I pray…

Dear God,

You are always with us even when we reach our limit, You are limitless.

Forgive us when we crumble and our spirit falls to negativity.  Our tiredness turns to anger, and we become sinful.  Our attitudes can so quickly change.

We ask you to change our hearts and minds.  Reach them with Your Spirit and Word.

We yield our Friday to you, and all the days that surround the more “fun” Fridays.




This post is dedicated to my two favorite moms: my mom and my sister, Jackie.

When we have reached our limit, I am thankful to have you two to call to vent.

Knowing that we can encourage one another, we pray blessings over our motherhood and those things that cause us to reach our limit.  One day at a time.




6 thoughts on “Reaching Your Limit As a Mom

  1. Tiredness, oh how Satan loves to use that on moms. It pushes all our boundaries, all our buttons and turns us into something we’re not. Whether we’re physically tired, or just plain ole tired of a situation.


  2. I feel like I hit my limit most days. The dreaded 4-6 p.m. crazy hours where nothing goes right, I have too much to do and two little ones hanging on me begging for food as though they haven’t eaten in weeks rather than minutes. I know it well. Thanks for reminding me that none of us is alone in having these kind of moments. I’ve been told it gets easier or at least different kinds of hard. Here’s to hoping that’s true and seeing the best in the wild ones we raise.


  3. Stooooppppp!!! I have to just stop whatever I’m doing and breathe. I often take the dogs out – clear my head and start again. I’ve been where you are with the homework drama. Be encouraged it does get easier and the responsibility you are teaching them does succeed.


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