Organizing the Blog

So…ladies and gentleman…I think I’m going to go rogue…and organize the blog!

Yep, usually I’m random and write about whatever I am in the mood for that morning, or whatever is on my mind when I wake…what God whispers…yeah…I’m kind of a freestyle blogger.  However, In reading Kelli Stuart’s book 30 Days to Becoming a Writer…day one challenged me to think about my goals. 

My goals are:

1. Heartfelt Words

2. Easy to read

3. Some humor in honesty

4. People/you, the readers relate or are educated

An author is identified by a clear platform and well developed daily/monthly themes…NOT…me.

So, I’m thinking about my topics…

I have been a God Sized Dreamer and Coffee for Your Heart Girl with Holley Gerth…so I write about my faith journey and my “dream” of starting a Mom’s in Prayer group…that is happening folks…next month!

I write about my history of anxiety and depression.  I still take meds for that. 😉  It is part of my story…part of how I started blogging to catalog my #1000gifts alongside Ann Voskamp.

Family, marriage, motherhood, boys…I have linked with Lisa Jo Baker and now the new Five Minute Fridays group over at   

We have a son with a feeding/sensory disorder.  So sometimes I write about him and how that impacts me as a mother and us as a family. 

I also like to write about random things…whatever photo/quote/scripture leads me to write about.

Here is an idea…

Comment to me!  What do you like most about this blog? Why do you follow it?  What topics do you want to hear more about?

I am thinking that I may pick certain days/months to stick to a topic/theme.  Is that something that you as a blogger do or as a reader would like?  Type to me friends!  Thank you for being a part of Glimmers of Grace.





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