Change Your Eating

This week’s five minute Friday word is “change.”  So…here goes…5,4,3,2,1…

Change for us is inevitable.  However, change is also sometimes a choice.  Our son who is five years old, Bryan, is a picky eater…more than that…he has a feeding disorder.

What is a feeding disorder?  A feeding disorder is … cue the wiki…

A feeding disorder in infancy or early childhood is a child’s refusal to eat certain food groups, textures, solids or liquids for a period of at least one month, which causes them to not gain enough weight or grow naturally.[1] Feeding disorders resemble failure to thrive, except that in feeding disorder there is no medical or physiological condition that can explain the very small amount of food the children consume or their lack of growth.[1]

I only have 5 minutes…gotta take the mom short cuts.  I am sipping my tea and sitting with the cat too.  It’s 5 a.m. on the east coast…this mom has a short window of quiet before the littles awake.

Awake they will.  They will awake eager to have their screen time too.  We like habits really.  Change is hard.

Hard is this eating thing…this feeding disorder.  I have read books, web sites, pinned many pins, and tried consulting with pediatricians, mothers, grandmothers, nutritionists, gastroenterologist, occupational therapists, and now we are in speech therapy once a week to try the S.O.S. approach.

The S.O.S. approach is about gradual change.  Learning to eat foods 30 steps at a time…did you catch that 30 steps!  Thankfully our son did really well in his first session.  He made it to 17 of 30 steps with whole wheat bread with no tears or anxiety.  I’m happy about this kind of change.  The change that our heart allows to happen slowly.  God has his own timing with each one of us.


Dear God,

Thank you for being a Change maker.

Forgive us when we resist change or try to make it happen too slowly or too quickly.

We ask you to teach us to change our eating habits in this household.  Help Bryan to be able to eat meals with our family.  Guide us to be patient with this process and accept how God made him.  We are each so unique.  We each have struggles, and you love us no matter what. 

We yield to You.  Lord change our hearts, minds, and bodies…slowly.


Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.



10 thoughts on “Change Your Eating

  1. What an honest post.
    Your mothering heart and child of God heart comes out in each line.
    Praying for contentment and rest in each slow change in a hectic paced life.


  2. Change! It’s amazing what we think of with that one word. I enjoyed your post. It was educational and encouraging. Good job. I pray on your head blessings as you move in the places you have to go with yourself and your family. ~ Chris


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