The Birds and The Bees Arrived Sooner Than I Expected

Let no one despise you for your youth,
but set the believers an example in speech,
in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.
Our son is eight years old.  I cherish the times we get to talk.  Usually he talks the most to me in the early mornings or late evenings.  Mostly we talk about Minecraft, things that happened that day at school, his fears, his joys, etc.  Sometimes we talk about his friends, and their are crappy and happy things happening there too. 
Crappy thing #1 Kids pressure kids to make poor choices.  Recently, I was searching for a Pier One survey site on our son’s tablet.  He was on our home computer playing Minecraft, and I could not find my phone.  So, I figured it was fine to use another household device.  So glad that I did.  When I typed in my site, right below it some inappropriate recent sites appeared.  I went to my husband (thankfully it was over the weekend, so he was home).  He is an IT guy, and A GUY.  So we looked over the history a bit more and sure enough there were time stamps and days of when and what was searched.  One of the Google hits was “naked girl” again, and again.  Multiple days.  So, I had our son come back to our room so we could talk privately with him, not in front of our five year old son.
Having two sons, I knew this day would come, but I really did not think we would be chatting about this sort of thing at age eight!  We talked to him about the history, and I led with “we love you and forgive you, but we need to know what is going on here…”  He is an open book, and thankfully he shared all that had happened.  A friend had pressured him to search that on his tablet.  A friend who supposedly had already gotten in trouble from his parents for doing the same.   Peer pressure, naked girls, and good versus bad choices was discussed.  We explained that it is okay to like girls, but there are boundaries, etc.
Happy thing #1…we got to talk openly with our son about his concerns and ours.  It went pretty well actually.  Now we locked down his tablet more securely.  It took my husband awhile to do so because he thought there was already a filter in place on our home network.  Alas, not a good enough one.  I’m happy that I’m married to guy that gets computers and can support me in raising two sweet boys who sometimes get into a bit of trouble.  We were young too, and we could share our stories of being kids and good and bad choices we/others made and how that impacts the future.
Crappy things #2   Our world is filled with a wide world of sin traps.  I had never seen a site like that myself, and our poor sons eyes had crossed a line that I knew was out there but did not want to see.  There are so many temptations for each of us on a daily basis.  Satan wants us to fall.  God wants us to stand tall.  Sin is real.
Happy thing #2 Kids are moldable.  As the verse above says “set the believers an example in speech,

in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.”  My husband and I both are Believers in Christ.  We try our best to make our speech, conduct, love, faith, and purity an example for our children.  When we talk with our kids, the way we act in front of them, love them, and display faith is being observed.  Little boys and girls are watching.  They are like clay…soft…but eventually turning to their own solid shapes.  So…now is the time to really be active in participating in their choices, their mistakes, and in loving them the way Christ loves us.
Dear God,
Thank you for being Love.
Forgive us when we make poor choices.
We ask you to protect the hearts of our youth.
We yield our parenting to You.  Help us in our daily walk so that we can teach our children about You.
Gary and Joy Lundberg have a great article here that I pinned for my own use and to have my husband read: Talk to your kids about sex — they’re listening <—Click Here

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