Broken Is Beautiful–Living With Anxiety and Depression

In light of the news this week. There is more open discussion of mental health and depression specifically. Here is a post that I made about just that back in May. I’ve ridden the roller coaster of good days and bad days. I know the struggle, and I know the strength found in finding the balance for me. One day at a time. God is love. Friends, family, doctors, and fellow bloggers matter!

Jennifer K Cook

Broken is beautiful. #AnxietyAndDepression #GrandmasCup #MedicineIsOkay

My struggles with anxiety and depression are personal.  I do share at times, and at other times I keep these hidden in the cupboard of my heart.  As a part of Hello Mornings, an online group of encouraging ladies who study the Bible together daily, our leader challenged us today to share a picture that reflects our testimony.  This is it for me.

I am me.  I am broken.  I am beautiful.  I’m living proof that God redeems hearts, minds, and bodies.  I have given birth to two beautiful boys.  They are now nearly 5 and 8 years old.  It was not easy becoming a mom.  I thought it was my dream!  It is my dream.  But, at times it was a nightmare.  I struggled greatly with becoming a stay at home mom with our first son.  It was lonely.  It was joyful.  The highs and lows of motherhood…

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