Mom, We Forgot To Say Prayers

Last night my husband and I were in our bed watching a DVR movie.  Part two of one we did not finish the night before.  We are getting old!  We cannot watch a whole movie before bed because we get too tired. 

Tired is something our kids have not been as of late.  They have embraced the summer schedule of going to bed late and sharing a bed as brothers.  They talk and play way past bedtime.  However, it is sweet.  We allow it, but we also want them to settle back into routine before school starts in one short week.  So, we have been moving bed time back to a bit earlier each night and getting into our routine a bit more.

So about 9 p.m. our eight year old walks into our bedroom to say, “Mom, we forgot to say prayers.”  I popped out of bed, and I went to pray over and with our children.  I had forgotten!  We do that.  We get caught up in the busy-ness of life, and we forget to pray.  Or, maybe you don’t, but we do.

We are making habits, and I’m glad that prayer is one of our family routines.  We pray at meal times, and we pray at bed time.  We also pray anytime our child has a fear or is emotionally a wreck.  It helps.  I started praying with our children when they were born, and we have not stopped.  It is important.  Jesus prayed.  He talked with his Father when he was scared or uncertain.  When we pray with our children, we are teaching them that God loves us, protects us, and is worthy of our praise.  He also forgives.  We forget.  He does not.

Dear God,

You are the Listener.

Forgive us when we forget to talk to you.

We ask you to grow our prayer lives, and help us teach others to pray too.

We yield this day to you.  May our prayers be glorious revelations to Your Heart for us. 


“Don’t be frightened by the size of the task, for the Lord my God is with you: He will not forsake you. He will see to it that everything is finished correctly.”  1 Chronicles 28:20



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