Blooming Boys

Yesterday I pulled out my camera to snap some photos with the good camera.  I often use my camera phone, but truly the better photos come when you pull out “the big lens!”  I shot a few of our boys and our blooming back yard yesterday.

Today’s Five Minute Friday post prompt is BLOOM.  Perfect timing.  God is far bigger than I realize.  He syncs our lives more than we can imagine. 

The story to accompany this post comes from L.J. Sattgast’s “The Rhyme Bible Storybook”:

Children Come to Jesus…Mark 10

Some boys and girls went out to play,

But then they saw Jesus coming their way.

“Let’s go see him!” The children said.

And all their mothers nodded their heads.

But Jesus’ disciples said with a frown,

“Just look at the children in this town!

We can’t allow those girls and boys—

they’ll make entirely too much noise!”

So when the children came and said,

“We’d like to see Jesus!” They shook their heads.

“Can’t you see He’s busy teaching?

Don’t interrupt while Jesus is preaching!”

The children sadly turned away,

But Jesus called for them to stay.

He scold the men, “Now let me be!”

I want the children to come to me!”

The children crowded all around

And sat beside him on the ground.

They laughed and had a lot of fun

As Jesus blessed them one by one.

Dear God,

You are the Blessing Maker.

Forgive us when we forget to sit at your feet.

We ask you to help us see our children blooming in their faith and happiness.

Give us to open our own child like hearts to bloom in Your Spirit.


ASwim bloom1 bloom2 BSwim

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