Reach Up


Reach up.

I reach up to stretch my arms.  Yesterday, I blogged about yoga and breath.  Today…reaching up.

We reach up to the Father every day…if we choose to.  We have to intentionally do it.  To raise our arms we also have to do it with intention.  We need to straighten our backs, lower our shoulders, and reach to the sky to let our back unwind.  To pray…to read God’s Word, and to look for His presence we are also reaching up.

Yesterday afternoon, I noticed a turtle on the far bank of the spring in our backyard.  I took the big lens out to capture him.  He was stunning.  He was sitting.  He was reaching for the sun.  Are we reaching for the Son?  Sitting with Him? 

Also, to my amazement, there were great blue herons visible to me.  I had to walk to the other side of the spring to see them!  On our side I can see the tree and hear them, but I had to intentionally walk and look up to capture their beauty and behold their wings.  Spread.  Reaching my lens up…



Try to be like the turtle — at ease in your own shell.
Bill Copeland



2 thoughts on “Reach Up

  1. Being a turtle lover, I love the turtle analogy. Reaching up, leaning in toward the Father….yes! Thanks for this beautiful reminder.


  2. Jennifer-First off I love the name of your blog! Thanks for this post today about being intentional in reaching towards Christ.


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