Dear Addison,

Dear Addison,

You are eight years old today.  It was about this time eight years ago…pre dawn that I was laboring for you.  I was excited to meet you and to love you.  You were born in the morning.  You are still a morning person.  

I am a morning person too.  This is our quiet time.  Our time to be introverted for a bit before our extroverted days.  I am thankful I can share the mornings with you.

You were a good baby.  You ate well…you slept well.  You still do.  You were a bit sensitive…fussy at times.  You still are.  You were slow to get your first teeth, and you were slow to lose your first tooth (age 6 years).  You were slow to crawl…but fast to walk and even learned to scale your crib to freedom at the cusp of the “terrible twos.”  Your dad put you in time out, and he thought I got you out of bed…but really you got yourself out of your crib.  All smiles I bet.  You did it again as he watched you.

You were born in Georgia.  We moved to Kansas when you were just over two years old.  You were fine with that.  You enjoyed every place we ever took you.  You were easy to be left at the church nursery, Community Bible Study children’s area, and eventually preschool.  You were a handful at times, but you always made us smile.  You still do.

We dubbed you “sneaky beaky” and “Dennis the Menace.”  You often would walk down the stairs or down the hall for extra cuddles and someone to lay with you even after story time and prayers were said.  You still do…but not as much.  Your head usually hits the pillow and you go to sleep quickly.  You are just like me in many ways.

In many ways you are different than me too.  Your creativity and problem solving are beyond me.  You have a knack for math, science, but you’re pretty awesome at spelling and reading too!  We think you may be well suited for a career in engineering or computers like your dad.  We do not know, but God does.

God has touched your heart, and we love that you know Him.  You are a deep thinking, wise one, and you ask really good questions about the Bible, faith, and say really good prayers.  You learned The Lord’s Prayer at about age 4 years, and yet now you are shy about saying it.  In church you and your brother draw, lay around on the floor/pews/kneeling benches, and this year (2014) you took your First Communion.  You seem to get it.  I pray you always do.

Dear God,

Thank you for being our Maker.  Forgive us when we fail to trust you with our fears.

We ask you to bless Addison on his journey of life today and always.

We yield his life to you.

We love you.  We love him (and his brother).


Photo: Best birthday gift of the week. #keyboardFromCraigslist

Photo: Lounging by the pool with this guy...

Kindergarten End of the Year Play, 2012

Kansas Townhouse Living, 2008


Baby Addison, 2006





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