You’re Only Five For a Moment

Dear Bryan,

Yesterday you turned five years old.  I have some memories of being five.  I do remember a bit of kindergarten, and one of my first childhood friend’s Kyle.  I remember that I still was sucking my thumb as are you.  My son, I love you.

I loved you the night you were born…all 6 lbs 11 oz. of you.  You arrived three weeks earlier than your due date…just like your brother.  I was not surprised.  I was happy that your father, brother, and granny were with us on your “birthday.”  Papa even flew from Florida to Kansas right away to meet you in the middle of the night…the first or second night…I cannot recall exactly.  You are named after Papa…he is William Bryan, and you are Bryan.  Many people called him “Bryan” when he was younger…now his friends know him as “Willie B from Tennessee” (even though he lives in FL…he says he’ll never be from here…even after being here since 1971).  Sometimes “home” is like that…for me home will always be Florida.  I’m so thankful that your dad and I were able to move back to central Florida a few years ago.

You have now celebrated 2 birthdays in Kansas and 3 birthdays in Florida.  You likely will not remember Kansas, but now you claim to.  You and your brother want to go back to snow and the bigger house with a basement.  However, you sure do like to swim.  I think you would miss the pool in the backyard we have now.  Also, the weather is much better for us here…you and I love to be outside to exercise and play.  It was never easy to do that year round in Kansas.  Here, in the “Sunshine State” we are blessed with year round weather that really does allow you to play and see the sun outside on most everyday.

Everyday you wake a bit after the sun.  Except for yesterday.  You woke at 4:15 or so eager to open your presents.  Then you crashed on the family room rug in the afternoon for a self induced nap for a few hours.  Sleep is so vital.  You are our night owl and sleep in usually.  You take after your dad in that regard. 

Your dad loves you so much…he enjoys swinging you upside down and watching your hair fly upward…you look like Einstein…but way cuter.  Your fine light blonde hair is just like your father’s was as a child (I’ve seen pictures…I didn’t know him then).  Dad likes reading to you and Addison the beloved “Pete’s a Pizza” book.  It is a family favorite, but dad is the best at reading and acting out the story with you and your brother.  This past spring you all three played soccer.  Dad coached Addison and you played for the first time…soccer is something I’m learning to like.  I’m still trying to figure out which sport will be “your one.”  You are truly an athlete Bryan…

You learned to walk poolside in Kansas while chasing a basketball at the neighborhood pool.

You shot hoops on our back deck almost daily if weather would allow from age 1-2 years.  You could make a shot even then!  We even got an indoor hoop for our kitchen cupboard to entertain you.

By three years old you were playing any sport with a ball…tennis, basketball, baseball, football, etc.

By four years old you were using your birthday money to buy a street hockey ball and stick.  That fall you bought a lacrosse stick from our neighbor’s garage sale.  You still continue to buy many sport items at the local “Play it Again Sports” store.  I recall last summer you bought a Frisbee golf disc since you saw that being played in Texas at your Aunt Jackie’s park.  You and I took a special mom and Bryan day to Frisbee golf one town over at a golf course…we were the only ones out there…but you loved it.  So did I.

By five years old you have now played on your first team…soccer.  Not sure you love it completely…you still wanted to shoot hoops at the practice area at the local elementary school.  You also bought a hoop at a consignment store to put in your room.  You and dad figured out how to make the Little Tikes basketball hoop pool ready.  Thanks to those sweet friends in Kansas we still have that hand me down hoop! 

Hoops are special.  They provide yet another circle to pass through.  We are living a life that will require rebounding, practice, and joy when those shots do go in!  I pray that you know that no matter how old you are…your dad and I love you very much. Your brother adores you too.  Friendships do happen in families when you “Love One Another.”  I hope your next five years is just as fantastic as the first five.  Your baby days were not easy on me, and I celebrate this new chapter we are in!  You are only five for a moment…enjoy it!




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