Slow Food is Good Food

Slowing down is recommended when we eat.  We can taste the food more.  We can savor the moment.  It allows us to be polite…chewing with our mouths closed.  We also talk more when we eat slower.  Enjoying the moments more, I am trying to slow down and sit more when I eat versus stand, snack, run around, always on the go.

Slow food is good food.  That was a “rule” from the “French Kids Eat Everything” book that I completed reading last month.  It’s a good one by the way.  We, Americans, like fast food.  However, it really is not healthy from a physical, emotional, or spiritual stand point.  We move to fast.

Today I ate my Cheerios and granola mixed with almond milk more slowly.  Not my favorite choice in breakfast, but it was good when I slowly ate it.  I did not even really mind the fact that the cereal was a little less crunchy than I like usually.  I sat at the kitchen table, and I savored the early moment while the rest of my family rushed about or sat on couches complaining about getting ready for the day and going to church.  We were all waking up.  I wake up quickly…but two our of our family of four are not morning people.  One son rises before dawn with me daily, and the other two wake slowly.  Nothing wrong with that…in fact I’m often jealous of those who can sleep in.  It’s just not in my DNA.  I like to move fast too.  So many things to do!

Is there really that much that has to be done right now?  I slow to blog.  I type quickly.  I think quickly.  However, I am working on being more intentional today.  Slowing down.  Will you join me?

James 1:19

So, then, my beloved brothers, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger;
The slow factor also crosses over into emotions and speech.  I like to speak quickly too.  I’m an interrupter, and yet I have meditated on the a verse this past month that calls for quietness and trust.  Two tough adjectives for me.  I am not too quick to become angry…but boy oh boy are our kids quick to anger.  Right now…one is fussing and crying about something in another room about a video game…frustration is all around us.  Speed is all around us.  We want instant gratification from food, from friends, from our family members, and yet…we are so much happier and present when we slow. 

Dear Dad,

God you are our dad.  We are wise to listen to your Word.  Forgive us when we move to fast; we ask for prayers to be met right away. We fail to trust in your timing.  Help us to slow.  Help us as parents to model patience, peace, and slowness.  Communion was taken today at our church.  Thank you for the gift of your Son, and the reminder that slow food…is good food.




March 2013 591


1 thought on “Slow Food is Good Food

  1. Slowing down is one of my biggest challenges. I tend to equate meaning & purpose with productivity. Consequently, downtime usually gets translated as a waste of time. It’s not always a bad thing, but it sure can be. I have to remember to incorporate rest into my life, to savor, as you said. Love that. Thanks for the challenge and encouragement.


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