Nothing is Better Than God and His Word


In measuring our self-worth in accordance with our own performances, we not only become anxious, but we miss out on experiencing the peace and rest of who we truly are in Christ.  —Ginger Hubbard

Nothing we do can make Christ love us more or less.

Nothing we do as parents can make our children better or worse.

Nothing we do as wives can make our husbands as happy as Christ can make him.

Nothing we do as friends can be “perfect” enough to make a friendship more special.  It is in being that we belong.

Nothing we do as children can make our parents love us more or less.  If you are an adult and still have parents living it is a gift.  You are a gift.

We are gifts given to this world by a Father that loved us so much he opened up the life of His own self, His Son, for us.  The openness of our Father is still available in His Holy Spirit within us and others.  The Bible is still a handbook that when read will guide us to a life that is full and steer us clear of choices that really do have consequences.

Nothing is more important than Him.

Nothing is more vital than a relationship with God. 

Dear God,

Thank you for being our Giver.

Thank you for being nothing more than present.

We ask you to make us feel like something on those days we may feel like nothing.

We open our hearts, minds, and bodies to Your goodness.  Help us make wise choices today.  Give us peace.


“Nothing shall separate us from the love of God.” Romans 8:35

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1 thought on “Nothing is Better Than God and His Word

  1. Lovely. Mine was based on the same scripture. God is good. Thankyou.


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