Wednesday 100 — #graceglimmers

Some of you are new to following my blog.  My blog began in 2009.  I kept it private at first.  It was for archiving pictures and memories…a gratitude journal.  I linked up to Ann Voskamp’s challenge of blogging about One Thousand Gifts.  God is everywhere you see.  However, you only see His glimmers of grace when you open your eyes, ears, heart, and mind to the glory that surrounds you in the little and the big things in your everyday life.

As life can be hard, I have learned that in counting my #graceglimmers it becomes easier.  He is with me.  He is all around us.

Today I wanted to take a moment to archive one hundred gifts of grace from this year.  It is something I challenge you to do also.  You do not have to do 100 today, but try to do 100 on your own time frame.  Write them down.  Pray for God to show the gifts to you daily.  Celebrate them.  It may help your melancholy mood emerge and evolve into a mood of peace, grace, and joy.

Wednesday’s 100…

Friends (old and new) that I see as being placed in my life for a purpose:

1. Andrea

2. Laura

3. Mae

4. Cheryl

5. Megan

6. Traci

7. Karen

8. Dana

9. Michelle

10. Nikki

Family Members who have inspired and encouraged me:

11. Daniel

12. Jackie

13. Jennifer

14. Cindy

15. Sandy

16. Adam

17. Colby

18. Bobbi

19. Jessica

20. My mom

Yoga Moves that I have brought me strength and peace:

21. Downward Dog

22. Side Plank

23. Modified Cobra

24. Plank Position

25. Tree Pose

26. Child’s Pose

27. Happy Baby

28. Forward Fold

29. Leg High

30. Triangle

Running/Walking Places and People that bring me confidence, energy, and motion

31. A hill by our house

32. Out and back on a road that I often drive

33. Training for a half marathon with a fellow mom

34. Run walking because it is okay to not run the whole time

35. Running and walking around a local lake with friends, with my family, and at times alone

36. Running/walking to our local library to return books

37. Running/walking to Saturday morning yoga

38. Local Meetup Groups

39. Walking on Mondays and Fridays with a friend

40. Walking to and from the bus stop daily with our boys at pick up time each weekday afternoon

Foods and Drinks That I Have Learned to Like or Tried This Year

41. Quinoa

42. Gluten Free Cake Mix

43. Gluten Free Baking Flour

**44. Pomegrante Vodka with Seltzer Water and Fresh Lime

**45. Red Wine from Oregon

46. Cantaloupe

47. Watermelon

48. Almond Milk

49. New Flavors of Hot Tea

**50. Rum Runner

** Alcohol is a drink that can affect some medications.  I have had permission from my doctor to drink one glass of alcohol slowly from time to time.  When I have started a new medication I do not drink for several months. 

Android Apps That I Have Found Enjoyable This Year

51. Minecraft PE…I play with our boys…we can link up via my phone and the family tablet.

52. Bike Race…our younger son and I beat almost every level and bought/earned almost every bike

53. Pinterest

54. Facebook

55. Twitter

56. Christian Alarm Clock 

57. Runtastic

58. CNN and Fox News

59. Instagram

60. Words With Friends

Places That I Have Enjoyed Going

61. Starbucks dates with our four year old son

62. Qdoba dates with my husband

63. Panera and other Wednesday lunches with my mom

64. Library Outings with our kids

65. The Pepperidge Farm Outlet (Goldfish big box for $4.99, 5 for $5 bread products, & specialty cookies for $2)

66. The Soccer Fields

67. Soccer Practices

68. Neighborhood Parks

69. Exploring Our Church Campus More

70. Work

Lessons Learned At Work

71. If I talk to my co-workers, I get to know them more.

72. If I talk too much to my co-workers it takes me much longer to complete my paperwork.

73. My co-workers have very interesting lives outside of work as do I.

74. Cleaning up a room after 4-5 kids have played takes some time.

75. College students are eager to learn from me.

76. Profound autism can still be intriguing and progress can be made on new goals.

77. Hispanic families often arrive late, but they always arrive.

78. Children will work for food (Candy specifically motivates American kids. We offer a lollipop or a piece of gum after most sessions)

79. Some kids do not need a tangible reward to work.  Many are happy with a high five, smile, or hug.

80. Art projects are fun, messy, and good sources for take home homework.

Gardening and Nature Observations

81. A Tabebuia Tree can grow in Florida soil without too much attention.  It also seems to like the “Grounds for Your Garden” used coffee grinds offered at Starbucks.

82. Deer continue to eat the pretty purple flowers that sprout by our mail box each year. 

83. Florida Black Bears meander in search of food in neighborhoods.  They always amaze me with their random appearances.  They are big and beautiful.

84. Turtles are intriguing.

85. Minnows are fascinating to young children.  A net and a fresh body of water provide at least an hour of fun.

86. Fish are easily caught with a cheap fishing pole from Walmart and old bread balls as bait.

87.  Great Blue Herons are loud birds.  They sound prehistoric.  

88. Magnolia blossoms produce odd pollen pieces when they bloom.  The flowers flake off what look like tiny baby matchsticks.  I also think I’m really allergic to magnolia’s blooming.

89. A lunar eclipse is worthy of going outside at an odd hour to look at.

90. Solar panels are an amazing way to heat pool water.  We have a 10-20 degree warm up from our 7 panels.  The Sun is so incredible!

 Faith Formations

91. I learned the Moms in Prayer format for prayer.

92. I took more baby steps to starting a Moms in Prayer group for our community in the fall.

93. I studied the book of Isaiah through Community Bible Study

94. I read The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson which changed my frequency and style of prayer

95. I learned more about the Holy Eucharist as our son took his first communion classes

96. I studied 1 John through Hello Mornings via an Instagram Group

97.  I grew more bold about my blog in sharing more personal aspects about myself and trying to end more posts with a prayer.

98.  I attended the (in)courage meetup for (in)Real Life #inRL for the second year.  This time I brought my mom along.

99.  I prayed and forgave a mom that hurt me deeply last year.

100.  I prayed more for my husband silently and watched the prayers unfold trusting in God.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for being immeasurably good.  You are Grace Giver.  Glimmers of Your grace continue to surprise me daily.  Please forgive me when I become selfish, controlling, or sad.  I ask you to give me a heart that is open, trusting in You, and happy in You.  We yield this day to You Lord.  May we count our blessings instead of our struggles. 


Carry on. #grace #inspiring #quote

From Pinterest search: “grace quotes”




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