Taste It Tuesday — Gouter

I finished the book “French Kids Eat Everything” by Karen Le Billon.  It was excellent!  As a mom who struggles with a child who is a picky eater, this was one of the first books with concrete advice and “rules” that are worthy of implementing and trying out.  I give this book 5 stars for sure!

French culture is very different from American culture of course.  They have different unwritten rules as do we.  One of the rules we are implementing starting June 1st is this:

No snacks.  There will be three meals and only one snack time at 4 p.m. (what the French call “gouter.”)

Gouter means “to taste.”

We are encouraging our children and ourselves to taste more foods.  The French take meals much slower than Americans.  I am trying to slow myself down as well.  I am also very much a snacker.  I eat small meals and snack throughout the day in the car, while we play, etc.  Moms on the go so to speak as well as kids on the go.

In France I learned they do not snack in their cars or standing up.  In fact their strollers and cars do not even have cup holders!  This won’t fly in Florida.  We have to have water always.  It is just too hot not to.  However, the snacks…they can go.  This will be a tough, one, but I’m giving it a go along with my husband’s help.  It will keep our cars cleaner, and hopefully encourage us to eat more at meal times. 

What “food rules” do you have in your house/culture?  I find them intriguing so please comment!  Thanks for stopping by!

Pains au Chocolat Briochés (pour ceux qui n'aiment pas la pate feuilletée :p) Perhaps I will translate this recipe and give it a try…Pains au Chocolat Brioches



3 thoughts on “Taste It Tuesday — Gouter

  1. My sweet friend. I snack throughout the day. Not good. Think I will take up your rule. No snacking or eating in the car. I will also slow down


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