Beauty in the Messes

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My best friend from my growing up years (5th grade to present) was so sweet to get both of our boys their own puzzle name stool as a gift when they were born.  I love them still.  We use them in the kids’ bathroom to boost them a bit taller for hand washing and teeth brushing.  The other day I saw the pieces like this on the floor.  A little bit of “ugh I have to put those back together” and a little bit of “awww…one day we won’t need these stools anymore.”  You see there is beauty in the messes.

My husband commented yesterday when going to the garage to look for a tool.  He took a moment of pause.  His tools were in disorder.  He likes order, but he relished the moment of digging amidst the mess to find the needed tool.  He told me, “I know one…

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