Thanking God for Today

Today God…life…whatever…woke me early.

I have been struggling with insomnia.  I have a history of depression and anxiety, but this is different.  This is the wake in the middle of night not sure why kind of insomnia.  Mind clicks on.  So many prayers to pray…so many tasks that I could do in the quiet of the early morning.  So I pray.  I do.  I read.  I write.

Bible study…check.

Moms in Prayer…journaling, reading, praying…check.

Drinking water…check.

Lay back down…check.

Still not sleeping…again I rise.

Notes to friends…clean desk…fold laundry…pet the cat…a lot…

Social media…Hello Mornings…Facebook…Twitter…Gmail…Instagram…Ann Voskamp’s blogGod Sized Dreamers Blog…Pinterest…

Thanking God for today…it will be an interesting one.  Might try to go back to bed…lay next to sweetly sleeping husband…it is 3:30 AM EST in the USA.  What are you doing with your time?  Do you ever struggle with sleep?  I’ve talked to friends, family, and a new doctor…perhaps truly only God knows.  He speaks to me in these wee hours of quiet. 

Dear Lord,

Help us to see you.  To hear you…and to talk with you.  You are always up.  Thank you for waking me today.  Help me get through the day, and perhaps get a nap.  Be with my readers…give them grace glimmers in their day also.  We all need You.  Help us to be thankful for the ways you are speaking to our hearts.  Give us love.  Give us peace.  Give us sleep.


you can't sleep,me either, Let's can't sleep together - chengyantan From Pinterest “sleep quote” search


3 thoughts on “Thanking God for Today

  1. I’m sorry you had a rough time sleeping! It’s hard, I know. I need my sleep as much as my hubby needs his food. Hahaha! ( he really does get grumpy when he’s hungry).
    Those moments when we are awaken in the middle of the night, we like to believe it’s God whispering in our ears to come and “hangout” with him. Oh how sweet it is when we are obedient and respond to His call. Also a time of depositing in our prayer “banks” . There will be those moments when we are down in the valley where we barely have the strength to pray… Oh but thank goodness for all those moments we have privately deposited to our accounts! God is so awesome! I pray for continue strength and reassurance that it’s at that time when you meet Him at that place is when He caresses you and let’s you know you are not alone.

    Be blessed!


    1. Joann,
      Thank you for your sweet note of encouragement. You are absolutely right…it is in the quiet that we meet Him…hear Him! The boys were kind and played a bit this afternoon so I got a nap! Hooray. Ready to tackle making dinner, tidying up, and getting our youngest to soccer weather pending. I’m like your husband too…I need food and sleep! Jenn


  2. I love it when He wakes me up!. They call it insomnia…I call it “the call.” There is not one here but us. The morning dew still on the ground, silent snores of my husband, whispered dreams of my daughter and then He touches my soul. Priceless.


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