Healing Hearts Through Encouragement

Over the weekend, my mother and I attended an (in)courage conference in central Florida.  It was at a friend’s house that I met last year at the same conference.  Women gathered all over for encouragement “in REAL life!”  They hashtag the conference with #inRL if you want to find more on Twitter. 

Twitter is a neat application that I have found to be very encouraging.  If you follow Christian authors, bloggers, friends, and organizations there are small sentences on Bible verses and opportunities for prayer, quotes, articles, etc.  I tweeted our group’s happenings this past Saturday.  We had seven (holy) women gathered at Chris‘ home.  She joyfully welcomed friends from church and strangers who signed up online through (in)courage.  We gathered on her couch and watched videos, gathered in her kitchen and shared drinks and snacks, and we circled holding hands to pray together before anything truly began.  Stories were shared, hearts were opened, and smiles were found.  I even cried!

We women do cry, and we do smile.  Emotions are real, and God loves them as do our women friends.  I have found that my best friends are those who I can cry with and smile with.  We need authenticity, and it is in authentic truth and in God’s Word (The Truth) that we find joy.  Some women sit with arms crossed (I noted two during our #inRL group), and others sit with arms open or flailing as they talk with animation.  God created us each differently, and it is beautiful.  I so appreciated the chance to gather with women young and old to share our stories, and it was encouraging.  Thanks to the (in)courage ladies and the people of Dayspring who gave us very generous gifts to take home. 

Chris, your home was lovely and love bloomed that day.  God was in our midst, and he was smiling.  Thank you for the chocolate…I found it scattered in my purse and ate it with ravenous belly as I drove home the long 90 minute drive!  I also shared a York peppermint patty (from you) and the half eaten bag of Cheez-Its in the back seat with a homeless man at the exit for our house.  There are always God moments floating around, and the glimmers of grace never cease to amaze me.  Like now…a small little boy just entered the room to sit in my lap…thumb in, hair a mess, a little four year old is sitting with me.  #1000gifts  #oneMillionGifts

I know that my redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand on the earth. Job 19:25 NIV

p.s. I think He all ready stands on earth…we just have to look for Him! 

Never walk away from someone who deserves help... your hand is God's hand for that person.  ~Proverbs 3:27

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2 thoughts on “Healing Hearts Through Encouragement

  1. What a lovely picture of community. I enjoyed the ravishing of the chocolates. I had to hide mine from the “ravishers” in my house. You are a treasure.


  2. Yes! I agree: it does feel like he is on earth now- through us He works to touch lives and teaches us to be open to those who can touch ours, and all in his perfect timing. It’s in these precious moments that he will take us places we thought we’d never go, but more importantly that it is worth it in the way it so beautifully points back to Him. Praise God and thank you Jesus! Your story matters, thank you for sharing your heart :))


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