The Heat of our Hands

Yesterday was a full day. It was Saturday, but it was jam packed with activities…good things…just a lot. Sun up to sun down there were things to do.

I started the day with a walk to our yoga studio (0.25 miles away), and did a 20 minute core class. Walked home to quickly shower and prep myself and our family for soccer games. Our boys both play youth rec soccer. We had a double header as usual…little man first then our older son second. My husband coaches our older son’s team. It was a beautiful sunny and breezy day so perfect soccer weather. Both of our boys’ teams won which was awesome…their first wins of the season!

I missed the tail end of the second game because I had a commitment. I signed up for the (in)courage women’s conference called In Real Life (#inRL). I went last year in Orlando, and this year I drove to Poinciana. At the last minute I convinced my mom to go with me. It was a good thing I did because the location was quite far from our home, and we needed both of us for company and navigation!

We navigated to a part of central Florida that I had never seen before, and it was a great little road trip. We were a touch late, but we made it. Sweet Chris, the hostess, even waited to “start the show” until we arrived. There were seven us…Linda, Peggy, Joann, Maryln (my mom), Chris, Zelma, and me. Interestingly that was seven women! Seven is the Biblical number of perfection so I’ve been told…7 days for God to make the Earth…and many other stories within God’s Word.

God’s Word was lived in real life yesterday. The heat of our hands held in a circle of prayer before we began. The heat of our hands as some of us shared our stories with a bit of hesitation and nerves. The heat of our hands was also needed to shoot the final group photo. One of the gals had an ipad, and we tried lining up near the kitchen table…however, how would we push the camera click button? Chris pulled out a rolling pin for me to stretch and push it. This technique failed. Peggy (I think) said, “you need the heat of your hand.” She was right. When I stretched my arm long and pressed…many photos were clicked.

The head of the hand is needed.

Christ is the heat of our hearts and hands at work.

He stretched his hands long on the cross, and the heat of his warm blood cleansed us forevermore.

The heat of our hands is needed in community.

We need to reach out to hold each other’s hands at home, at church, and in the community. People need people. Love is felt in the heat of our hands.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for blessing us with the heat of your hands…the Spirit that wraps around us when we feel cold, alone, or tired.

Your hands are Mighty. Forgive us when we pull away. Help us to come close to you and others so that we can hold hands.

The warmth given is a blessing and comfort. Love is in the hand holding. Tears come at times, and at other times smiles. We need you Lord, and we need each other. May we love on our friends, spouses, children, and yes…even strangers.

Please be with those today Lord that need to feel your hands. May the Body of Christ reach out to you and to me…today, this week, and always. Help us to pick up your Holy Word, and touch you through the words of stories told long ago that still resonate today. Worship Him today, and look for ways to share the heat of your hands or ask others if you need the heat of theirs to make it through.


Psalm 90:17

May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us— yes, establish the work of our hands.




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