Faith-Full Friends

Faithful friends are faith FULL friends.

My dearest friends of today are those who share a faith in me…a faith in God.

I have friends in many areas…past and present.

My best friend of childhood is still a phone call away…Sara.

My mom was pregnant with a friend in her Sunday school class back in 1978-1979…that baby girl is still my friend…Traci.

Friends from college were dear…but, honestly, I really do not talk to many of them anymore except via “Facebook.”  Oh, I guess there is one exception.  That girl that I met at freshman orientation…the one who roomed with me.  She and I now live about 20 minutes apart…sweet Megan…we still click. 

Friends from our newlywed city also sadly have faded into the past.  We do keep up via Facebook and at times a phone call or email, but when you move…they move on…you move on.

After six years of marriage we moved to the Midwest.  Our friends there are dear.  God placed us in a very special neighborhood there, and we have some beautiful family friends there that we still keep in touch with via Skype, and when they visit central Florida we are eager to meet them.  We pick up where we left off.

Two years ago we moved back to Florida.  We now have new neighbors, a new church, new jobs, and yes, new friends.

My strongest friends today are Andrea, Dana, and Laura.  Andrea is the mom of two year old triplets…need I say more…she has a wow factor and a super hero cape that is beyond unbelievable.  Yet, she finds time to love on me amidst all the love she pours out to her own family.  Dana, she and I have two kids each.  We went to the same university, and our husbands did too.  Our kids get along great (most of the time), and we so relish our weekly Friday play dates.  God placed our older sons in the same scout troop, soccer team, and class this year!  Laura, is my mommy mentor and writer friend.  She has two children as well…but they are a bit older than ours.  Her daughter babysits for us, and her son gives us toys and clothes!  Laura is writing a novel, and I cannot wait for it to hit the book stores!  She and I walk or do yoga together 1-2 times a week.

Friends…they are visible and sometimes invisible.  However, whether you connect via social media, in the neighborhood, through your kids’ activities, at work, etc…know that God places people before you…before me.  We have an opportunity to meet people daily.  Who are your friends?  Who may be your future friend?  God knows.  Listen to Him, look for Him, and feel His Spirit as you walk through this beautiful journey called life.

Smart words by which to live.

Found on Pinterest (above)

Proverbs 17:17

        A friend loves at all times, and a brother (sister) is born for a time of adversity.





4 thoughts on “Faith-Full Friends

  1. Beautiful. I love the last paragraph: “God places people before you…before me. We have an opportunity to meet people daily.” I found my Five Minute Friday post going along similar lines. It’s funny the amount of times God places the right people at the right time in our lives!


    1. Thank you Shelly for stopping by the blog! Hope you have a wonderful season this spring and on into summer…make some new friends but keep the old…one is silver and the other’s gold (Girl Scout song that popped into my mind). 🙂 Jenn


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