Praying with Purpose

Praying with a purpose.  I am reading more about prayer, and praying more myself.  I especially like this book by Fern Nichols Moms in Prayer Standing in the Gap for Your Children.  p.49:

How to Start:

a. Establish a Time…Set aside a set amount of time (e.g. 10 min or 1 hour). Give Him the best part of your day (i.e. for me the morning before children and husband awake).  As much as you can, let nothing interfere.  And be determined to be unhurried.

b. Choose a Place…Set aside a place where you can meet God alone.  Avoid distractions.  Prepare your place with a Bible, pen/pencil, note paper, journal (for me it is my Bible study, Bible, and a pencil/pen…whatever I can find.)

c. Make a Plan…Use the 4 steps of prayer. 

       1. Praise-A time to praise God for who He is

       2. Confession-A time to have a heart check

       3. Thanksgiving-A time to thank God for what He has done.

       4.  Intercession-A time to stand in the gap for people and circumstances.

I like to sit on my couch or at a desk in our office.  I am learning the 4 steps of prayer…not so good at those…I usually jump to 3 and 4.  In the fall, I plan to lead a Moms in Prayer group for our local elementary and preschools.  Please pray for me.  This is a BIG God-sized Dream.  I am also in fellowship this spring with #HelloMornings.  I enjoy their at home Bible study fellowship through social media.  I am in an Instagram group, and I’m excited to see how Our Righteous and Loving Father blesses my sinful slanted heart through these mornings ahead.  I am thankful for the many gifts He gives daily.  I am praying for you, my readers, also!





2 thoughts on “Praying with Purpose

  1. Chris…
    prayers have been answered! We have a space to meet for the fall…support of our local church and an interest from a handful of moms. It looks like it will be a go! See you Saturday for #inRL! Jenn


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