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Jennifer K Cook


These are my nails.  This is what they look like most days.  Chipped.

Chipped because I do stuff.  I wash my hands a lot.  I play a lot.  I pick crayon paper off of crayons to break them and melt them into new crayons…because it’s fun.  I don’t paint my nails because I’m a girly girl.  I’m not.  I paint them because I’m a career nail biter.  I find I do better in not biting or picking my nails if they have paint on them.

Plus, my boys and I do love to paint!  What fun!  I don’t let the boys paint their nails, but I let them help me pick my weekly polish and even boldly let little fingers paint my big ones.  They are messy, and that is okay.  I’m a chipped kind of girl.

I like beauty, but I am totally over being perfect.  Today’s quote on…

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