Jesus and Mama Will Always Love Me

Wrapping up our day yesterday, I was doing dishes at the sink with our ipod on in the kitchen.  A song came on that I had not heard in quite some time.  “Jesus and Mama” by Confederate Railroad played while I quietly did the dirty dishes from the day.  I reflected on the song and the day.  “Jesus and mama will always love me…this I know…”

Jesus and my mom have always loved me!  Now, I am the mom.  I know my sons know Jesus and I will always love them too.  I’m so thankful for this amazing gift.  There desire to play with me and lay with me each night may not go on forever.  One day they will be teens and want more independence.  For now, I will play!

Yesterday, we had the chance to play outside with our sweet neighbors.  There is a set of triplets that live around the corner, and they have been such a blessing to us.  The triplets are two and half years old, and our sons are nearly 5 and 8 years old.  We can share encouragement and insights back and forth between husbands and wives.  Our kids play really well together, and the adults get along too.  I know God placed us in the neighborhood for one another…for fellowship…for fun…for love to be shared.

Here are some snapshots of our children playing yesterday.  We blew up this giant bubble ball…a birthday gift from their family to ours last summer (purchased at Costco).  It is super fun…but it is time intensive to blow up.  After trying three different pumps (two borrowed from neighbors)…we finally figured it out, and we had a fun time rolling the kids around the front yard.  Our schedule was off a bit…our dinners were later than usual…but it was a day that I would never trade.


Dear God,

May we always take the opportunities to say “yes” to invitations for fellowship.  The texts, the emails, the phone calls do matter.  We need one another.  We learn from one another, and it is through play that our children experience love outside of the home.  There are also moments of disappointment (“It’s my turn!” “I want the pump!”), and times when the moms (and dads) must discipline.  However, may we focus in on the love.  The love for our own family and for our neighbors. Thank you for blessings us with children who keep us patient and young at heart!


“‘Treat one another justly. Love your neighbors. Be compassionate with each other.”

From Zechariah, Chapter 7, The Message


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