Frustration Births Faith

Yesterday…and the day before I was frustrated.  A friend and I were co-hosting a garage sale, and it was a lot of work.  Hours of prep by both of us…
Cleaning out closets,
An attic,

My mom sweetly came over to help for a couple of nights since my husband was out of town. My friend and her daughter joined us Friday night for a sleepover the night before the big sale. Two friends plus my mom equals differing opinions on organization, time tables, and what to do with the kids in the mix.  The perfect storm of fatigue, frustration, and faith entered in.

In our garage two moms made over $300 in one morning.  Our youngest two sold snacks and drinks and each earned over $10.  The weather was perfect, the shoppers plentiful, and we traded stuff with our neighbors.

Neighbors are literal and figurative.  We are all called to “love thy neighbor” in the Bible. However, this is easier said than acted upon with a cheerful countenance. “Smile God Loves You!” Greeted by this command on our son’s hallway chalkboard last night made up for all the frustration and built my faith in this friendship. My friend and I are different and yet alike…girl friendships are always intricate.  Frustrated, we build faith in our Father…He alone changes hearts and our Spirit.

Matthew 5:43 to 48 covered my sinful spirit this morning.  Now I feel grace, peace, and more faith to face the struggles of today…friendships, family, busyness, etc.  I plan to slow.  How will you spend the Sabbath?








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