Seeing Circles at Our Church

So our cat just deleted my last post…arghh…she sits in a circle often on the desk or in my lap.  Life is like that…we circle back to fix things that get erased or need a do over I guess!  So here goes again…

Circles has been a theme here at my blog this spring.  Bear with me.  I really do see them everywhere, and I feel they are meaningful.  I saw a few more circles yesterday and here are my thoughts to go with them…


This is one of our favorite books.  I brought it along to show our assistant priest the story of “Walter the Baker” by Eric Carle.  It ends with a message about pretzels and folded arms.  At our church the children/adults that do not wish to receive communion cross their arms over their chest.  It has old symbolism…and it was brought to life in this story for our kids and me.  The cover of it has a sweet circle imbedded in the image of the flower…it is spring people!  Hooray!  Circles of flowers should be popping up in many place near us…they are sweet centers of beauty created by our Heavenly Father.  We must tend our gardens well. 


I sit at this stop light daily.  Stop lights and all traffic lights are circular.  They remind us to slow, to stop, and to go as directed.  God’s Word is the same…He speaks to us if we stop to open it…slow to read it…and go forth into the world to act upon it!


Our church has a round window at the top of the second story.  I never really noticed it before.  But, now, focusing in on it…I see beauty and a sweet reminder that this the place God intended for our family to worship.  This is the place that God intended for our family to become closer and circle around Jesus with other Believers…other friends.  Our children’s faith will grow here, and for this I am so thankful.


Our four year old noted these circles for me.  The tables in our courtyard at church are round.  How fitting!  Jesus gathered his disciples for a final last supper…it is often pictured as being a long rectangle…however, in my head I am changing that.  I think he sat a a round one from time to time and perhaps even at that time…for it is when we sit around a table we see one another completely.  We can hold hands and pray.  We can fellowship with our Father and our families around the table.  I am currently reading “bread & wine” a love letter to life around the table with recipes from Shauna Niequist.  It is great…looking forward to our dinner tonight as a family around our table and to an Easter celebrated around a table to celebrate our son’s first communion and our risen Lord!


Bryan is looking at another circle on the playground.  It is a spinning wheel kind of like a “Magic 8 ball” that you ask a yes/no question to and spin for an answer.  He asked if it would rain…”Sure!” He asked if it would thunder “yes!” This little spinning thing was dead wrong.  It cannot predict the weather or anything really.  I think it kind of ironic that it is on our playground now.  Really.  We do not need to ask an object questions about the future.  We need to be in prayer and talking with our Heavenly Father about that.  He knows our future for certain.  Praise God!  I’m thankful that He is holding the future of my life and my children’s lives in His hands. 

After playing outside I always ask our children to wash their hands.  So we can gather for snacks/dinner around the kitchen table.  I find it fitting to end on this note:

Psalm 26:6-7

I scrub my hands with purest soap, then join hands with the others in the great circle, dancing around your altar, God, Singing God-songs at the top of my lungs, telling God-stories.



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