Hope and Healing Through God’s Word and His Creation

This past week and this morning I have reflected on Hope.

Hope is a favorite word of mine. 

We have a black wooden block set that sits on our mantle presently spelling it out “Hope.”  It sits along the Easter decor because really Christ does = Hope.  Hope is a joyful word…a happy word.  If we had had a daughter we would have used the name Hope as her middle/first name…it means: trust, faith.

Hope in Christ is amazing.  It is what carries me through the low times and brings a smile to my face when you see things that you have hoped for come to fruition.  Last spring we planted a Tabebuia tree…a skinny little tree with no blooms.  We had faith that a young tree would one day grow and yield yellow blossoms…

From: Judy Batterson’s collection

I planted the tree with our boys’ help at the front corner of our house.  I wasn’t sure if it would grow or die.  It grew!  It grew enough that I researched the max height these trees can grow…up to 40 feet is possible…so I decided to move the tree this past week with my youngest son’s help.  We dug it up…the roots were 3 feet long!  It was incredible…

We saw only 2 yellow blooms this year, but I am confident that with time, patience, and God’s will…the tree will bloom and grow in it’s new backyard location amidst the palms, oaks, and pines…it can grow tall…I have hope!

Hope also manifested itself in the blossoming of another long term project planting this week…we planted a pineapple head into a clay pot that was left on our patio by the previous owners…we were told it can grow a new pineapple but can take years…yes…years…so now about two years later…we saw this:

Photo: We have our first home grown pineapple blossoming! With Daniel Cook

Photo Credit: Jennifer Cook, March 2014

We have a blooming fruit!  Hoping we will have a full pineapple soon to cut and enjoy as a family…then we can plant the head again and wait for the fruit to bloom again.  Hope comes in the belief that there is something greater ahead.  Trusting in God is like that…patience for a reward that is yet to be seen.

Dear God,

Help us to always have hope.  Give us patience and persistent prayers.  We see new growth, and it is through your precious Word that we see growth in our spirits.  May we always see your glimmers of grace through the moments of “hope” that pass by us…give us pause…give us thankful hearts.  Give us faith and trust in You.


Job 14:7

“For there is hope for a tree, if it be cut down, that it will sprout again, and that its shoots will not cease.


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