A Mom’s Version of “March Madness”

Okay mom friends…

This one’s for you!  If you are not a mom…I’m sure you know one…this is for you too.

“March Madness” is a basketball thing I know I know.  However, it is in a mom’s case the time when…

The school year is wrapping up…but it is not quite over.  Spring break is a tease.

Spring time change wreaks havoc on sleep patterns (mostly the kid’s and moms’ circadian rhythms). 

Spring flowers and trees are budding (in the Southern USA)…so allergies can be annoying.  If you live in the mid-west or northern USA you are desperate for spring to stay…this year’s winter weather seems like madness!  Snow keeps stomping out hope of spring.

If your husband is a basketball fan you lose him to hours of television watching (thank God my husband could care less about basketball…in the fall…college football is a whole different story).

Spring cleaning seems like a great idea, but it can be exhausting and overwhelming as well.


March is nearly over, and next month we welcome April…we will be a step closer to:

Easter, summer vacation, warmer temperatures, and the newness of what lies ahead.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Please be with us this day.  March may seem like “madness” but joy comes one day at a time when we seek you with ALL our hearts, souls, minds, and strength. (Deuteronomy 6:5) You give us the courage to face the crazy days of motherhood, and you bless us with children, husbands, friends, family, and even strangers to walk alongside us on this day and every day.  Give us peace, give us courage, and give us patience as we accept moments of “madness” knowing that it is often temporary.  You give us eternal perspective, and we celebrate this Lenten season knowing that Your Son came to show us the way.  May we follow Your Word, feel Your Holy Spirit, and share the love of Christ with others today.



p.s. I saw this on my aunt’s Facebook wall (author unknown).   It is a neat perspective on how we feel at different ages about our moms.  I do fit the 30s profile…when “March Madness” hits, I am thankful we can go to my mom’s house for company, play time, and a change of scenery.  What do you appreciate about your mom?  If you have lost your mom, what memories of her keep you strong? Moms I salute you.  We have a big job.  And, thankfully we have a BIGGER God.  One day at a time.


My mother in law and her husband, North Carolina, 2006.


My mom and son at the Winter Park Christmas Parade, December 2013


My boys and me, Orlando, Tree Park Picnic, 2013



2 thoughts on “A Mom’s Version of “March Madness”

  1. Chris Malkemes 2014-03-27 — 04:01

    Thanks for sharing…may March madness not leave you mad….lol


  2. I have seen that quote on Facebook too and I love it. It truly reflects our attitudes to our moms as we age.


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