Unqualified for Motherhood?

Do you at times feel “unqualified” for the “job” you currently hold?

For me, I hold two “jobs”…one is mother…the other as a speech therapist (part-time).

At times I feel unqualified, but at other moments I am confident…feeling like a “rock star!”

Why do we as women (and men) feel unqualified for the very job(s) God has called us to?  I have no idea.  But, this I do know…

We are called to this:

Love the Lord your God with ALL your heart,

and with ALL your soul,

and with ALL your strength.

Deuteronomy 6:5

Dear Heavenly Father…

Grant us wisdom and love.  May we know that we are always unqualified for jobs, but it is through YOU we gain all the strength we need for today.  May we cast our cares, fears, and doubts onto you.  Thank you for loving us, and help us to love others with the same glorious BIG love.  Give my mouth words to encourage other moms (friends, husbands, kids, neighbors, strangers, etc).  Give my ears an ability to listen to Your sweet small whisperings in others, in our world, and in your precious Word.



Please also join in this concept of being “Unqualified” here: https://www.facebook.com/lisajobaker and here: http://lisajobaker.com/

Graphic from: @lisajobaker



2 thoughts on “Unqualified for Motherhood?

  1. Chris Malkemes 2014-03-26 — 11:14

    You are so right. We move in unqualified because He alone is qualified.


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