Joyful Mornings

Mornings are my quiet.

My mornings are filled with the Holy Spirit because I see Him,

Feel Him,

Know Him more through His Word.

As mothers we are so busy…

Laundry to do…

Dishes to clean…

Books to read…

Children to get ready, to play with, to settle for bed.

It is ALL joy my friends!

God loves you (and me) to pieces.


Word Art by Alison Roach Banchiere, FUMC WP Ski Trip 1996.

I found this sweet card this morning during my quiet time.  It was tucked inside a hand written note from my mom written to me when I was in high school.  I am forever changed by my parents’ faith and their consistent love for my sister and me.  They always took us to church, and I learned so much there.  I still learn from them today.

May God be the glory this day and always as we seek to share God’s love!

“All your sons will be taught by the LORD, and great will be your children’s peace.” Isaiah 54:13


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3 thoughts on “Joyful Mornings

  1. Isn’t that the best? When you find a note that takes you back to that so special moment? Awesome. And such simple truth. God DOES love us to pieces! 😀 Thanks for sharing today. Another FMF Sister. ❤


  2. What a beautiful post! I am your neighbor at Lisa-Jo’s place. You are so blessed to have parents like that and what a beautiful treasure that little note is from your Mom. I also share in your love for the Holy Spirit. He is wonderful! I am so grateful for our Comforter!

    God bless you today!


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