Ten Fun Facts about the Disney Magic Cruise

1. If you drop off an item (e.g. t-shirt, pillowcase, etc.) with a permanent marker to Guest Services (deck 3)…the Disney characters will sign the item for you and return it to your stateroom by the end of your trip!

2. The stateroom doors are metal so you can bring anything magnetic to stick on your door for decoration, message board (with dry erase marker), etc.

3. The children’s areas rock!  Even I wouldn’t mind hanging out there!  Our 4 (almost 5 year old) son and 7 (almost 8 year old) son really enjoyed the activities in the on board and Castaway Cay children’s areas. 


Photo by Daniel Cook


Photo by Jennifer Cook (snuck these without a flash…I don’t think they really like photography in the kid area.)

4. The Serenity Bay area on Castaway Cay is definitely worth a trip on the tram to the far side of the island.  They have an adult only beach area with zero entry…neat wild life (e.g. fish, sea slugs, starfish), and even an eating/lunch area and bar.  Seriously, if you have kids put them in the kid area for a bit (the onboard phone they give you still works on the island).  Our kids stayed in the kid area for 3 hours which gave my husband and I an afternoon to ourselves at the island. 


Photo by Daniel Cook

5. Room service is included! I did not know that on our first cruise but it was helpful this time around.  If the kids are hungry for a snack or you (the adults)…order something…we liked chocolate chip cookies and milk!  (sodas are an extra charge to your room…so we did not do that, but milk was included).  I also brought along a covered water bottle for each of our family members to re-use and rinse throughout the cruise for beverages of choice.  Being green and staying hydrated.  Our kids and I mostly like water!

6. You can bring on your own alcohol if you are 21 years of age.  We traveled on with a couple of bottles of wine (for me), a bottle of rum (for my husband…he mixes with on board/on island Coke), and pre-mixed Margarita in a bottle.  There are real glasses in your room so you can fill and take them wherever you like even to dining areas.

7.  Deck 4 is really cool. It is the safety deck where life boats are so you will see it on day 1 of your cruise when you do the emergency/safety drill (mandatory).  They also have shuffleboard here, the forward area has the visible ropes/anchors/etc, and the complete circle is an outdoor/balcony track for walking/jogging…3 laps makes a mile! 


Photo by Daniel Cook

8. The late dining time is fine.  We signed up last minute for our cruise (about 4 weeks ahead), and we had to take the 8:15 p.m. dining time.  We were not sure how that would work out for us being that our boys usually go to bed by 7:30 and 8 p.m. respectively.  It was fine because we fed them a snack around 5:30 then the excitement and sun keep them going.  The restaurants and servers are very entertaining so that kept their attention.  Our 4 yr old fell asleep in his chair by 9 p.m. each night, and after our 7 year old finished his dinner one of us would drop him off to the kid area (often with an on board friend).  Adult dinner dining is possible!


Photo by Daniel Cook

9. You will likely meet new friends (and possibly some one you all ready know) on board.  We really enjoyed the family we dined with each evening.  Our boys plan to be pen pals, and the other mom and I hit it off really well also.  Being that we went over our spring break we knew two other families on the same trip with us!  Funny though…the ship is big enough and the activities plentiful so we only saw those families once over the 4 days aboard.

10.  You will want to book another cruise.  We sailed in November 2012, March 2014, and we are all ready trying to plan and save for a future cruise in 2015.  Everyone we talked to on board said that Disney Cruise line is really “The Best!” 


Photo by Luke (A Disney Cruise Staff Member from England), Photo Taken on Disney’s Castaway Cay (“Key”)



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2 thoughts on “Ten Fun Facts about the Disney Magic Cruise

  1. We went on a 7 day cruise on the Disney Magic about a million years ago (OK, 13…but it seems like a million!) and it was great!! A few of the “rules” have change, since then I see. It would be fun to do it again!!


  2. Sounds like such a fun trip. And that they really cater for the needs of children. I like that.


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