Seeing Circles and Walk/Jogging in Circles

Our family finished a three night cruise on the Disney Magic yesterday.  We left Port Canaveral, Florida on last Friday around lunch time.  My husband and I were excited to take our second cruise on a Disney cruise line (last time we did a Disney Dream cruise in November 2012 in celebration of our 10th wedding anniversary).  It was our sons’ first cruise, and we were interested to see how they would react to the experience.  We all enjoyed it immensely!

We had a “magical” time.  I am uploading our pictures as I type, and I’m excited to share a few of them here on the blog.  While on board, I took some time to read quietly in the early mornings before my family woke up.  I also read at the pool and on the beach for snippets of time.  I took two books along…one non-fiction and one fiction: “The Circle Maker” by Batterson and “American Wife” by Sittenfeld.  They turned out to be both great reads!  For today…I want to share with you about circles.  Below are some observations and thoughts that I had while walk-jogging circles on Deck 4 of the Disney Magic on during early a.m. quiet times:

Three circles comprise the Mickey Mouse icon.  The trinity in the Christian faith is also symbolic in the number three: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Life preservers are circular.  Jesus, God’s Son, is our life preserver.

The sun God created by the Hand of Our Father is a circle (sphere/if you are really wanting to be precise about it).  The Son rose into the heavens and sits at the right hand of the Father.  I had the joy of watching sunrises, sunsets, and moon light over the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Oceans this past weekend…beauty and wonder rolled into awe.

Daily Our Father in heaven turns our round Earth in circles so that we see these awesome changes in time.  These sunrises and sunsets remind me that He created all things and all people in this world.  He moves us in circles.  Interestingly, the Disney Magic had staff members representing 60 different countries.  We truly are a diverse world, and it was a blessing to see different smiles, skin colors, and also help realize that we all share joy and work hard in our own special ways.  These staff members served us with enthusiasm and our family was thankful for a brief trip to see how wide our world really is.

Our world is full of land and water.  While on cruises I do get a wee bit sea sick.  Thankfully no one else in our family seemed to be affected by the motion of the ocean.  What helps motion sickness for me?  A circular pill call Dramamine.  Motion on the boat was good and bad for me.  Bad because I woke early and had to sneak around a dark room to get dressed and quietly slip out of the tiny little cabin.  Good because while we traveled through the waves, but I was able to circle the boat for quiet time “mommy/me time” alone with My Father each morning.  I read, I walked, I ran, I prayed, and I lifted up praise songs quietly into the windy air.  No one was ever awake during my laps except for a few staff members that were doing their odd hour duties.

I was blessed during these pre-dawn hours.  I have time to fellowship with the Father and really experience the Holy Spirit filling me with grace, peace, and energy for the day ahead.  I also blog in the dark morning hours.  Thankfully today may be a good nap day since my husband is at home and we are one spring break!

Here are a few photos of our trip…including some of the circles I mentioned above.  I will blog a little more on this topic…a specific prayer and God given opportunity was an extra blessing on the first two days of our trip…more on that tomorrow!  Enjoy your week and look for circles in your life today!





May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace

as you trust in him,

so that you may overflow with hope

by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13 NIV


9 thoughts on “Seeing Circles and Walk/Jogging in Circles

  1. Hey Jenn! Love this! Think about you all the time- just wish I had time to pick up the phone and catch up! I was in a spin class at the gym on Monday and was thinking about how the class reminded me of my season of life right now- and how I should write a blogpost on it! You’re post reminds me to do it! Love your thoughts on circles- so true. So glad you guys had a great trip!


    1. Hey A! Wish we could go to spinning class together. Seasons of life so true. We should try to chat some time. Hope you are settling in to your new city! ♡ JENN


  2. Wow-it’s amazing what God will use to speak to our hearts. Circles are literally everywhere!

    We hope to take our first Disney cruise sometime soon..hoping the kids enjoy it!!


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