Crowds Do Not Know Him

Crowds do not know Him.
Individuals know Christ.
He came as unkown by most.
He died by two sinners.
He lived a life as a teacher, healer, and friend of sinners.
Christ went into crowds unafraid.
Do we enter into crowds with fear or purpose?
Christ stands out from a crowd…
And yet he also whispers to me in His glimmers of grace.
   Jennifer Kay Cook






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4 thoughts on “Crowds Do Not Know Him

  1. Hi Jennifer,
    Happy family…thanks for sharing the photos and the smiles 🙂 It is so wonderful to know Jesus is not afraid of standing out in a crowd…challenges me…thank you 🙂 Thanks also for subscribing…prayers for the launch would be appreciated…if it doesn’t get out on 3/17 then the next day 🙂


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