Lord You Are More Precious Than Silver


You are more precious than silver.


You are more costly than gold.


You are more beautiful than diamonds.

And nothing I desire compares to you.


Nearly five years ago, Baby Bryan was born.  Now, he is longer than this pack and play we are trying to sell on Craigslist.  He loves music, and I love to sing to him before bed.  Last night he asked for 10 songs…so I counted off one by one praise songs and nursery rhymes.  This song above is one of my favorites.

Favorite songs stick with you for years!  Yesterday, I took the photo below.  It reminded me of the praise song “Lord You Are More Precious Than Silver…”  Moments like these that catch our breath and cause reflection are truly a glimmer of grace in my life.  What brings you pause?  Where do you see God’s glimmers of grace?  Stop.  Be still.  Photograph the moment with your mind (our your phone), and thank God for the gifts…big and small.


Necklace above from Krafty Kash, and silver praying boy charm from Ebay.  I love the C monogram, star, pearl, and praying child.  It reminds me of my God Sized Dream to start a Moms in Prayer group…one day.  What inspires you?  What is precious to you?

Psalm 139:17

How precious to me are your thoughts, God! How vast is the sum of them!




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