Where do dreams come from?

Where do dreams come from?  I have been slowly reading through Holley Gerth’s 40 Days of Encouragement for Your Heart…Opening the Door to Your God-Sized Dream.  Chapter 38 is what I read this morning.  She discussed that each dream has a root…an origination.  Most dreams are not unique.  Others have had the same dream or someone or something has inspired you.  God, family, friends, strangers, books, and our own unique minds inspire dreams.

I am a part of Holley’s “God Sized Dreamers.”  My dream last year was to start a Moms in Prayer group.  I did not.  My dream seemed to be too big…too hard to accomplish…logistics did not fit into my schedule or the schedule of others.  I opted to stay in my Community Bible Study and church fellowship on Sundays, but I did not start a Moms in Prayer group because I did not feel it was the right time.  Not enough interest from others, and I found out a group all ready existed but they met on a day that I work.  Sometimes dreams are deferred.

I deferred my dream in part because I was scared.  Scared it would fail.  Would anyone come if I set a time and place?  How could I lead something like this?  I’m an introvert.  How could I lead women in prayer in this structured way?  My friend Kim in Kansas was the one to encourage me to start a group here in Florida.  Maybe I will some day.  Perhaps I will try to find that group that is all ready meeting and join them next year?

Each year is full of new beginnings.  I like spring.  The flowers bloom, and we celebrate Easter.  The ultimate new beginning.  The resurrection of Christ leads us to HOPE!  Our heavenly Father knew were not perfect.  We are flawed, sinful, and needed the guidance and love of His Son to show us that through believing in Him we can do all things.  He will give us strength.

“But the plans of the LORD stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations.” PSALM 33:11

Dear God,

Thank you for the gift of blogging.  It is a place to journal our in most thoughts and share them with You and others.  Help us to dream and to accept when dreams change a bit.  We praise you for purpose you give to each of us daily.


p.s. To those that have been following my blog I took a LONG time off.  I struggled again last summer with anxiety and depression.  It took a few months to get back to feeling good, and I have been focusing more on my responsibilities of work, family, and friends.  Blogging is fun, but it does take some time!  Happy Saturday!

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God Sized Dreams
God Sized Dreams

1 thought on “Where do dreams come from?

  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by Lakeside Lessons today and thanks for this great post. So easy to let fear put doubts in our mind – but perhaps there are others who, like yourself, work when that other group meets. Others who wish someone would start a group they could be part of. If God is asking you to do this, He will make a way even if it ultimately looks different than you thought it would! I read your about page too and I’m praying for you – my son struggles with anxiety and depression and I know how difficult that can be. Good to “meet you” too and blessings to you!!


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