When Expectations Become Grace Glimmers


In photographing moments, I am also remembering the grace lessons.  The purple flowers above were carefully selected at Home Depot in the garden department.  I had the cute pot sitting unused on our back patio, and I wanted a pop of color for our pool area.  I scoured the flowers for sale and found these Mexican Pentunias.  I brought them home, and I shoved the too big potted plant into my pretty pot.  Voila!  I was excited.  Sad thing was that same afternoon all the petals fell and the plant didn’t look as pretty anymore.  The amazing part was this: in the morning…new blooms!  Every day this plant does this…drops the blooms in the late afternoon, and each morning…grace…given.  Only God can do that!  We, too, fall every day, and every day his forgiveness gives us a fresh start.  Love that lesson.

Behind the scenes of the other photos above, I learned that backward clothes by preschoolers should be celebrated.  They don’t mind.  Why does the world?  If they got dressed alone, I am happy.  Why do I worry about what other adults think?  Funny thing is I often allow our kids to go places with backwards shoes and clothes…often the teachers send them home with the “proper correct shoes/clothes.”  It annoys me a little bit.  Why not just let them be!?  So this week I took a picture to remember the backwards moments.  We do not always get things right as adults either, and it is okay.

Finally, the orange and red flowers…they were a birthday gift from our children and my husband over the weekend.  New color for the backyard again…yeah!  I thought it very precious that my husband asked our sons what they wanted to get me for my birthday…one said “butterflies” and the other “flowers.” So my brilliant and thoughtful husband got us butterfly and hummingbird attracting bushes.  So excited to see them planted, and to watch God’s glory grow in our midst.

Dear Lord,

Help us to realize that You are “Behind the Scenes” of every moment.  You work out things for good.  You are teaching us constantly if we merely take the time to look for Your glimmers of grace.  Thank You for changing our expectations.  You shine through in ways brighter than I can handle sometimes, and I give You thanks and praise for the sunshine that is shining this morning on a new day.  Help us all to see You in our midst.  Amen.



4 thoughts on “When Expectations Become Grace Glimmers

  1. I agree. We should let the children be as what they are doing is finding themselves and expressing their individual personality. These little quirks should be celebrated and not snuffed out.


  2. 3 behind the scenes stories in one post! Love it! 🙂 The analogy of God’s grace and our falling every day in the mexican petunias is so gorgeous – such an image that I can grasp and see fully 🙂 And oh my I have had to learn how to look past the silly outfits my 3 year old puts on and just let him be. Thank you for this beautiful post today!


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