Beauty in the Bedlam


Beautiful bikes decorated for July 4th.  On Jyly huy7y…bang.  Our four year old was sitting in my lap for this post.  He was typing on the pull out keyboard…then bang!  The drawer broke.  I rushed away from the computer to my husband assuring them that we were okay.  It was just a broken piece of wood.  Now, nearly an hour later I return to write this Five Minute Friday post.

Sometimes moms do not even have five minutes.  We have hours of time to occupy our children and our own happiness, and yet when we try to sit for five minutes and focus it is often interrupted.  This is beautiful.  This teaches me.  I get angry, frustrated, but it does force me to reflect, breathe, and walk away from situations and screens. 

Screens offer temporary beauty.  Real life offers beauty in the brokenness.  I calmed our son, and calmed myself.  I got dressed, washed my face, and let him snuggle with dad while he got dressed for work.  Then we all ate breakfast together.  Sprinkles and milk for Bryan, yogurt for Daniel, and Go Lean Crunch cereal and milk for me.  Beauty in the bedlam.  We sat as a family to eat, and I’m not sure the morning would have gone that way had the drawer not broken. 

After breakfast we attempted to make milkshakes in the blender for Bryan…letting him add Reese’s Peanut Butter cups, whole milk, ice, and chocolate chips…no go.  He loved the process but refused to taste it.  We are slowly trying to get him to eat new foods…occupational therapy continues reluctantly.  He is tasting fruits and some new foods at OT, but at home he runs and cries.  Beauty in the bedlam.  We run from our Father too at times, and it is in our brokenness that he makes us whole.


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Dear Lord,

Thank you for giving me a moment of breaking.  Give us each the grace to start over.  We often need much more than five minutes to do anything.  Thank you for your grace, peace, and strength.  When we grow in you, we become whole.  Amen.


8 thoughts on “Beauty in the Bedlam

  1. Oooh Yes! Beauty in brokenness…Him taking our brokenness and making us whole. Only Him, only Him! Blessings to you…


  2. This reminds me that even when I don’t see the plan of=r the big picture, that He has things planned out to prosper me. Have a blessed weekend1


  3. This makes me really appreciate even more the beautiful lessons we learn from beautifully broken interruptions. I can so relate. And, by the way, I love your taste in cereal. I love Go Lean Crunch!!! 🙂 ~Tanya, visiting from FMF


  4. We may not have much time for ourselves, but I do enjoy the beauty of being a mom 🙂


  5. You are wise to see these truths…thanks for the reminder~ Blessings.


  6. PS. Your heading picture certainly doesn’t look like bedlam, btw. 😉


  7. “We sat as a family to eat, and I’m not sure the morning would have gone that way had the drawer not broken.”
    So often He works this way, doesn’t He? Beauty hidden in the broken and the “bedlam.” And what a good parallel, picture of us: the running away in fear from the invitation to new and wonderful experiences. Why do we do that!?
    Thanks for the beauty in this.


  8. beyond beautiful.


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