Jubilation in July, A God Sized Dream Praise Report

Jubilation in July.

Christmas in July.

Jesus comes into us every day. Every month. Every Year.

Sonya inspired me to write this post today.  She is a fellow God Sized Dreamer.  We are women who are following the calls of our hearts…led by the Lord.  In 2013 several women were chosen to read and respond to You Were Made for a God Sized Dream by Holley Gerth. 

My God Sized Dream for 2013 is to start a Moms in Prayer group for our community.  So I have been praying about this.  I have been taking baby steps to talk with other moms about this idea.  Here are the praises to share in a snap shot:

1. My husband has been a patient listener and encourager as I often worry about details and drama.

2. I have met some moms who are interested in coming alongside me to pray for their children.

3. We were redistricted for elementary school.  We also decided to change preschools.  At first I thought these changes would be a bad thing, but now I’m seeing God’s gracious goodness.  Our boys are resilient, and these changes allow us to know families from 4 different schools!

4. I prayed with fellow God Sized Dreamers, and Christine suggested that I consider not doing just one elementary school but maybe approach the Moms In Prayer from a larger angle of including more schools and perhaps meeting at a church.

5. We have a new church home (we moved to Florida in March 2012). In January 2013 we found a church that fit our family after some “church shopping.”  It is a small, warm congregation, and it has its own preschool (our youngest will attend in the fall) and private Christian school (another place of influence/participation for moms in prayer).

6.  I gathered my courage to approach the priest at coffee hour last Sunday about my God Sized Dream, and he warmly smiled saying “That sounds like a great idea!  The choir room is available in the mornings.”  Joy…no red tape, no talk to someone else about that…just peace in knowing we were welcome to gather to pray for our children.

7.  God has shaped my heart to look more at his command of John 13:34 “Love one another….”  There are people behind each situation and in loving each other we discover grace, peace, and connection.

There you have it…seven sweet joys of jubilation in relation to what Jesus is doing for this God Sized Dream.  It has been a slow moving dream.  Prepping for a Fall 2013 start, I know God will continue to shape the dream.  Leading with the Light of the Lord is hard and special.  What is God calling you to do today?  What is He calling me to do in order to shape a dream into a reality?  What prayers are needed?  For now…this one:

Dear Lord,

Thank you for the joy you place in our lives.  When things fall into place we know that your hand is mighty and moving.  Give us the words to speak, the ears to hear, and the bodies to act in Your will.  Strengthen my prayer life even more.  Help us to pray for our own children and ALL of God’s children (young and old) that you place on our hearts.  May we walk in a way that shows Your glimmers of grace.




8 thoughts on “Jubilation in July, A God Sized Dream Praise Report

  1. OH, friend, JOY, JOY, JOY!!!! I am so happy for you!! God placed this wonderful dream in your heart and you said, “Yes!” and stepped out in faith…oh, it doesn’t get any better than this!! God will do mighty things through this Moms in Prayer group – in families, schools, children – and through YOU!! You are so brave.


  2. All my life I’ve been closed to football in my heart, mind and soul but my son is a six foot three freshman and Football is just his kind of juice. This past May, at our very first parent meeting … my soul was filled with joy, when my eyes spotted the flyer for the Football Prayer Team. Because this Prayer team exist in and for a public school team … I’m super excited about football.


    1. There are some amazing men who have played and coach football who also know Jesus and serve Him so well through lives lived in God’s glory on the field! My husband and I attended the Florida State University, and I developed a true love for football there. We were there in the glory days of Coach Bobby Bowden…if you ever get a chance to hear him preach…GO! Our older son played tackle football last fall, and it is hard watching your son get hit…but it is in the hard work of life we learn valuable lessons. I love athletics and they do change you immensely. I’m so glad that your son is doing something he loves, and that we get our mama hearts nurtured through prayer! I will be praying for your son to be strong in his faith and on the field.


  3. Reblogged this on graceglimmers and commented:

    Nearly four years later I found this post…
    A God Size Dream can be little or big. It is yours. It is between you and God. The Moms in Prayer I had envisioned would have had at least 5-10 moms meeting. That never happened. The most we have ever had is 4 and usually we only have 2-3 women praying. But, that is okay. God size dreams can unfold very different than what we expect. Thank you to Dana, Leah, and those other women who have followed on the Facebook page. We can pray everyday. We can dream everyday. Baby steps continue. I think I’ll go shower now….
    Jennifer K. Cook


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