Being “In Between”


Oh where do I start? 

In between…I am totally there.

I’m in between five books right now.  Two are on the patio by the pool, one in the office, one in each of the two bathrooms I use.  Mama’s got to sneak in some adult words somewhere!

I’m in between clothing sizes.  I’m really not fitting well into my size 8s anymore, but heaven help me I’ve never really worn clothes in the double digits.  I’m kind of a 9…they don’t make that in standard women’s sizes.  Need to move to Europe where they do the number thing.  Or, in Asian countries…I’d simply just be an XL.  Have you ever looked at the comparison sizes on sports clothes…seriously…it’s funny.

I’m in between friends.  We moved to Florida from Kansas in 2012.  I don’t really talk to my Kansas friends too often, and yet the new friends I’ve met here all mostly work so they aren’t available to talk or hang out too much either.  Waiting and watching for how God will bless me on this next friendship circuit.

I’m in between two young boys every day.  I literally sit between them, act as the “Camp Counselor” (self affirmed) to make sure everyone is playing nice and entertained, and love snuggling in between them for stories and prayers at night as we tuck them into bed.

Dear God,

Be with us in the in between moments.  Help us to see these as glimmers of Your Grace.  Your Son was in between heaven and earth…and your Spirit is now the same.  Fill us here on earth until we become truly full in heaven.  


Let’s just write and not worry if it’s just right or not. Here’s how to play along:



1 thought on “Being “In Between”

  1. Hi Jennifer,

    I can’t really relate to size 9. I never even wore single digits! I went from little girls’ 16 to ladies’ 12! Well, I can relate to gaining weight after children.

    Ugh, I’m starting this blogging relationship off on the wrong foot. Well, rather I’m stepping all over your feet. ~smile~

    I’m smiling over this silly comment. I hope you’ll give me grace.

    May the Lord Jesus bless you richly as you enjoy being in between your two sons. I love the photo in the header.

    Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,


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