It’s Snowing in Summer

The Photo


The Story

“Mom come see us we’re stuck in the bean bag!”

I went in Bryan’s bedroom to find both boys IN the bean bag together.  Yes, ours do open (this has been done before), and they had both gotten into it standing in it.  A mom friend of mine mentioned to me years ago, that instead of freaking out in these parenting moments…grab a camera to capture the memory.  You will often smile later at the things that make you cringe in the moment.

So I went to grab my camera, and of course by the time I returned the boys were out of the bean bag with tiny little Styrofoam balls everywhere.  “Mom, it’s snowing!”  There you have it…it’s snowing in summer…in Florida.

If you leave your children alone while you’re emailing and checking social media, they will find their own entertainment.  I’d like to say the story ended there.  We photographed the fun of “snow.”  No…

I got my mad mommy tone of voice going and told the boys that the bean bags were going away for a month.  I put them in our master closet.  I shouted that they needed to clean up the snow.  Bryan (age 4) suggested getting large spoons out of the kitchen to scoop it up.  I said “sure.”

Hours passed…we moved on to other play time activities.  They cleaned a little later in the afternoon when I tried to calmly help them, but most was still there scattered all over our son’s bedroom.  Forgiveness was granted, but I told them that if it happened again the bean bags would be gone forever.  Forgiveness involves changing your actions (transformation).  Little life lessons amidst parenting moments.  Later last night, my sweet husband helped us vacuum and clean up most of the Styrofoam bits.  His patience and inclination to clean are much greater than mine.

“Families can be wonderful places to pursue the practice of servanthood.”

“Caring for children in and of itself–when it is bathed in prayer and offered with as much grace and energy as we can muster–is one of the most powerful tools for transformation available to us.”

John Ortberg, The Life You’ve Always Wanted Spiritual Disciplines for Ordinary People

crystalstine.meLinking up with Crystal Stine at “Behind the Scenes”, Click the Image to see more posts similar to this one.  May you also see God’s glimmers of grace today.


2 thoughts on “It’s Snowing in Summer

  1. I just felt my eyes grow wide! When I read your title, I thought of the light snow we received on May 3rd here in Southwest Missouri. It was the first since 1923. I thought you were having some crazy weather. Guess it was crazy kids!

    I’m glad you weathered the storm. I cringe when I think of the times I wish I’d been kinder to my children but lost my temper instead. Thank God that our children give us forgiveness and grace so easily. God is good and forgiving and grace offering when we accept His son’s offering for us.

    May you find every snowball!

    Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,

    Laura Lane
    Carthage, Missouri


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