Sacrifices that Yield Blessings

“Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground & dies, it remains a single grain. But if it dies, it will yield a rich harvest.” John 12:24-25

Read this part of John today.  It struck a nerve, a memory…



When my husband and I were married back in 2002, we had a floral design teacher from a local technical college design our bouquet.  I recall vividly going to her small shack of a studio with my mom.  This talented African American woman took out a pad of paper and an ink pen and drew my bouquet.  I described our garnet and gold (red and yellow) color scheme and things that meant something to me and our family.  One of those items was wheat.  My mother’s father was a grain elevator operator in North Dakota.  He was deceased, and she thought it would be nice to honor him by including some of that into my bouquet.  Absolutely.

My bouquet and my grandfather came to mind nearly eleven years later when I read today’s passage from John 12.  Jesus became that single kernel of wheat that died. His life produced a harvest of Believers.  My grandparents were included into his heavenly realm through their belief in God and His Son.  They lived by the Spirit of love and passed that Truth onto my mother and so on.  Future generations have been blessed.

Dear Lord,

As I recall the blessings of faith, family, and our wedding…may I also recall that each of these involve sacrifice.  Help us to die to self in order to reap a harvest.  Your teachings reveal that in giving up oneself and serving others we truly live and receive a heavenly rewards and fullness of Spirit.  I do not see wheat in the pure form here in my community, but maybe when I reach for the bread or crackers I can pause and recall that a sacrifice was made for such a time as this.



One thought on “Sacrifices that Yield Blessings

  1. I read that this morning too. I like how you shared with us such a beautiful aspect of yourself…wheat and marriage. Thank you


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